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Protect your home or business against mosquito infestations with mosquito control from Mosquito Hunters of Wichita KS! As Wichita’s mosquito prevention experts, we offer an effective, affordable, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional mosquito control services.

With mosquito prevention services from Mosquito Hunters of Wichita, you can reclaim your summer evenings and stop worrying about mosquito-borne illnesses like Zika virus and West Nile virus. Our treatments are completely safe for people, pets, and the environment. Best of all, our services are backed by our Client Happiness Promise, which guarantees your satisfaction for a full 21 days after every treatment.

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Our treatments come with our Client Happiness Promise, which means that if ever you’re not happy, we will re-treat your yard free of charge within the 21 day period after each initial treatment for any reason, with no questions asked.

Wichita’s Trusted Mosquito Control

Wichita is known as the community that helped America become airborne, earning a reputation as The Air Capital of the World. Unfortunately, Wichita is also home to a six-legged airborne menace: the mosquito. These pesky insects love Wichita’s humid climate and long summers, resulting in sky-high mosquito populations during the region’s warmest months.

By choosing mosquito control from Mosquito Hunters of Wichita, you can safeguard your property against mosquito infestations. Our barrier treatments reduce mosquito populations by 85% to 95%, meaning more enjoyable summer cookouts, evening swims, and backyard get-togethers. More importantly, our services protect your property against the dangers of mosquito-borne diseases. Our treatments are also effective against fleas and ticks, giving you added protection against common backyard pests.

Mosquito Hunters of Wichita offers mosquito control options for residential, commercial, and municipal customers, with treatment plans and pricing customized to your specific needs. We offer deep discounts on our Introductory Treatments and on our Season Pass plans, which offer routine treatments for season-long protection throughout the summer months. We also provide one-time treatments for special events, such as outdoor weddings and birthday parties.

All mosquito prevention services from Mosquito Hunters of Wichita are environmentally responsible, safe for people and pets, and applied by fully licensed Technicians. Our standard treatments use an EPA-registered spray with active ingredients derived from the chrysanthemum flower. We also offer options for all-natural mosquito control, which we provide at no extra cost.

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Proudly Serving the Wichita Area

At Mosquito Hunters of Wichita, we’re proud of our roots in the Wichita area. We’re locally owned, locally operated, and focused on providing the best mosquito control options to Wichita homeowners and businesses.

Our mosquito control services are available throughout the Wichita metro area, including communities such as Hutchinson, Newton, El Dorado, Andover, and Haysville.

Mosquito Control Services

Get rid of and prevent mosquitoes with our mosquito control services. At Mosquito Hunters, we focus on getting rid of mosquitoes so you can enjoy being outdoors. We stand behind our environmentally-friendly treatments with out Client Happiness Promise.

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