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Apex’s summers make our area a hotbed for mosquito activity. That can be a serious problem if you operate a business with outdoor customer areas, like a golf course, a sports park, or a restaurant with a patio. At Mosquito Hunters™, we know how damaging a mosquito infestation can be to your bottom line, which is why we offer a full range of commercial mosquito control services to Apex area businesses.

Since opening our doors, we’ve become Apex’s trusted providers of commercial mosquito control and prevention. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable Technicians have earned a reputation for putting Clients first. Meanwhile, Apex businesses know they can rely on Mosquito Hunters for effective, affordable, and family-friendly mosquito control services, helping you keep your bottom line healthy and your customers happy.

Commercial mosquito control services from Mosquito Hunters are available throughout Apex and surrounding communities. Our treatments are suitable for all types of businesses, including:

  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Parks & Gardens
  • Concert Venues
  • Wedding Venues
  • Sporting Venues
  • Golf Courses
  • Driving Ranges
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Pools
  • And more!

Apex’s Commercial Mosquito Control Experts

Our commercial mosquito control services make it easy to shield outdoor areas in Apex against infestation by mosquitoes and other pests. We provide summer-long protection through our Season Pass plans, which include routine treatments every three weeks. Each of our treatments has an effective lifespan of 21 days, so a Season Pass will provide you with continuous coverage throughout Apex’s mosquito season.

If your property is especially prone to mosquito infestations, or if you need added protection during periods of peak mosquito activity, we also provide Power Treatments. This is a more accelerated approach compared to our standard treatments, providing you with effective coverage for serious infestations. We also provide one-time treatments and Power Treatments for special events.

All our Technicians are professionally trained and fully licensed by the Department of Agriculture. In addition to our standard treatments, which rely on active ingredients derived from the chrysanthemum flower, we also provide natural mosquito control services. Our natural treatments are offered at no additional cost, and use ingredients like thyme and rosemary to repel mosquitoes.

Every treatment in Apex is provided through our commercial mosquito control program is backed by our Client Happiness Promise. Under the Client Happiness Promise, we guarantee you total satisfaction for 21 days after every treatment.

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Client Happiness Promise

Just let us know if you are not happy with a treatment within 21 days post-treatment and we will re-treat your yard free of charge. For any reason. Period.