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A Mosquito-Free Summer With Mosquito Hunters

Don’t let mosquitoes get in the way of backyard barbecues, garden parties, and good old summer relaxation. With Mosquito Hunters™ in Apex, our mosquito control services provide year-round protection against mosquitoes and ticks. Each treatment can swiftly eliminate almost all these pesky little biters from your property, from adult mosquitoes and ticks to their eggs and their larvae.

As mosquito-borne and tick-borne illnesses become increasingly commonplace in America, it’s important to protect your loved ones from getting bitten. At Mosquito Hunters, we provide mosquito services for every occasion in Apex, whether you need special event treatments, all-natural sprays, or powerful protection throughout the year.

Year-Round Mosquito Control Services From Our Experts in Apex

With Mosquito Hunters in Apex, our mosquito control services are pretty simple. First, one of our expert Technicians will audit your exterior property, inspecting for areas with mosquito and tick activity. We place treatments in these areas, as well as around the exterior of your property. Each treatment has an active ingredient of chrysanthemum flower, which is deadly to ticks and mosquitoes. Within a day, the overwhelming majority of all adult ticks and mosquitoes around your yard will come into contact with this treatment.

We treat properties every 21 days to maintain an active barrier, and re-treat hot spots where mosquitoes and ticks are likely to spend time. You don’t even need to be home while we treat. Our Technicians can simply leave a thoroughly detailed work order behind. With these regular treatments, we provide powerful, year-round mosquito control services to properties in and around Apex, New Hill, Holly Springs, and Cary.

Guaranteed Mosquito Control Services in Apex

At Mosquito Hunters in Apex, it’s our priority to provide mosquito control services whenever and however you need them:

  • Natural sprays. If you’re looking for green options, Mosquito Hunters provides an all-natural organic spray treatment. We recommend getting these treatments more regularly than 21 days.
  • Special event sprays. Having an outdoor birthday party for the kids? A backyard barbecue? Don’t forget to get our special event sprays, so your guest list won’t include party-crashing mosquitoes.
  • Guaranteed treatments. Our year-round treatments are backed with a Client Happiness Promise. We guarantee you’ll get 21 days without mosquitoes taking a bite out of you, or we’ll re-treat, at no extra charge.

Apex area homeowners can take advantage of our special introductory pricing for mosquito control services. Call Mosquito Hunters today to schedule your treatment.

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Client Happiness Promise

Just let us know if you are not happy with a treatment within 21 days post-treatment and we will re-treat your yard free of charge. For any reason. Period.