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When you need mosquito control in Blue Ash, Mosquito Hunters™ are your go-to guys. We treat residences, commercial properties, and communities throughout the hot summer months, so those around you can have fun outdoors without swatting, spraying, itching, or scratching. Our treatments virtually eliminate all mosquito and tick populations from your property, with regular services throughout the summer to keep those crawly biters away.

If your property is located anywhere near or in Hamilton County, Blue Ash, New Richmond, Anderson, or Williamsburg, Mosquito Hunters is on the case! We can travel to you with our mosquito control services.

Powerful Mosquito Control For Homes And Businesses in Blue Ash

Mosquitoes aren’t just pesky biters we all love to hate. They’re also serious disease carriers, bringing West Nile, encephalitis, and the La Crosse virus. At Mosquito Hunters, we provide comprehensive services for homeowners and business owners alike:

  • Residential mosquito control. If you own a home in Blue Ash, our services will drive away almost all mosquitoes and ticks from your property.
  • Services for commercial properties. For golf courses, restaurants with patios, and any other businesses with outdoor areas, taking care of hungry mosquitoes is a must.
  • Neighborhood associations and municipalities. Mosquitoes can quickly become a public health concern, which is why effective mosquito prevention is so important.   

Protection Against Mosquitoes and Ticks in Blue Ash

For properties in or near Blue Ash, Mosquito Hunters offers a comprehensive approach to controlling and almost completely reducing mosquito and tick populations. With our mosquito control services, your options include:

  • Season-long treatments. With regular treatments throughout the summer, we can keep your mosquito populations down to almost zero. These treatments are backed with our Client Happiness Promise, so you’re always guaranteed to get results.
  • One-time sprays. When you’re holding a special event in your backyard, get protection for the entire day with our one-time sprays. These treatments offer your party guests almost complete coverage from day until night.
  • Tick prevention. All our mosquito treatments are fully loaded with protection against ticks. You’ll see a drop in these populations in as little as 24 hours.
  • Great packages and pricing. Whether you’re using our services for the first time or you want mosquito treatments all summer, Mosquito Hunters can always offer you affordable prices and packages.

Take advantage of our introductory pricing for mosquito control services in Blue Ash. To get a quote for your property, contact us today.

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