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A Mosquito-Free Summer For Your Family

At Mosquito Hunters™, we believe that your family deserves to experience the magic of a summer without ticks and mosquitoes. No worrying about bug spray, no checking the kids for ticks. Instead, our mosquito prevention services in Eastern Cincinnati bring these populations down to almost zero throughout the warm months.

With services scheduled every few weeks, our expert Technicians can control and reduce mosquitoes and ticks that live on your property. These mosquito prevention treatments are ideally suited for any homes with mosquito issues throughout Eastern Cincinnati and Hamilton County as well as Williamsburg, Blue Ash, Anderson, and New Richmond.

Expert Mosquito Prevention in Eastern Cincinnati

Each mosquito prevention treatment can deliver at least three weeks of powerful, fast-acting, and consistent impact for homeowners in Eastern Cincinnati. We’ll start by canvassing your property’s outdoors, making note of areas that are likely to feature heavy mosquito activity. Our Technicians apply a barrier treatment as well as spot treatments.

These two methods of treatment allow us to control both adult mosquito populations as well as any new larvae or eggs. The active ingredient that we use in our treatments is taken from chrysanthemum flower, which is also deadly to ticks. You’ll see a fast drop in any of these bugs around your property, too.

After three weeks is up, our Technicians can come back to re-apply treatment wherever it’s been used up and monitor any mosquito activity. Even after a barrier treatment has killed adult mosquitoes, it will continue to act as a mosquito repellent, keeping new insects away, too.

Regular Treatments With Guaranteed Results From Mosquito Hunters

As mosquito-borne and tick-borne illnesses become increasingly common, Mosquito Hunters knows how important it is to protect those around you from getting bitten. In Eastern Cincinnati, our mosquito prevention is backed up by the full power of our Client Happiness Promise, which guarantees powerful impact for at least three weeks.

Our Technicians are seasoned mosquito pros, using the best methods of treatment for your backyard. We’re always available for any Client questions or concerns related to mosquitoes—all you have to do is call or email.

With Mosquito Hunters, you can access our special Season Pass pricing in order to receive treatments all season long. Our team can even treat your property while you’re not there, so you and your family can enjoy full benefits of a mosquito-free yard when you return.

Find out how easy it is to schedule mosquito prevention treatments in Eastern Cincinnati. Just visit our contact page to learn more.

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Just let us know if you are not happy with a treatment within 21 days post-treatment and we will re-treat your yard free of charge. For any reason. Period.