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As tick-borne illnesses become more common each year, and Lyme disease already diagnosed in Clermont and Hamilton Counties in 2019, getting tick prevention can protect those around you without putting a dent in their outside time. In Eastern Cincinnati and southwestern Ohio, Mosquito Hunters™ administers tick control as part of our mosquito control services. If you’ve got a tick problem, we’ve got a van stocked and ready to help. Our Technicians can travel throughout Clermont County and Hamilton County, including Anderson, Williamsburg, Blue Ash, Batavia, and New Richmond.

Ticks are tiny and difficult to detect once they’ve latched onto humans or pets, which is why tick prevention is an essential proactive measure for families in Eastern Cincinnati. Our treatments stop tick populations right away, with treatments that effectively target adults, larvae, tick nymphs, and tick eggs. In Ohio, tick season typically spans from April to October, with the peak in September and October, so regular services can maintain effective and lasting tick control.

A Tick-Free Outdoors For The Whole Family

At Mosquito Hunters, we rely on highly rigorous strategies to quickly contain and exterminate tick populations that are living, hiding, and thriving on your property. Our five-step process includes barrier treatments which will start killing adult ticks and nymph ticks right away. Spot treatments target larvae and eggs, to prevent new ticks from cropping up for the next few weeks.

Our Technicians appreciate how important it is to deliver powerful tick prevention to homes throughout Eastern Cincinnati and Clermont County. We can always provide you with any tips we have on maximizing the impact of treatments we deliver. With visits throughout tick season, we can upkeep barrier and spot treatments, observe and minimize tick activity, and make sure your family is able to use your backyard with ease.

Regular and Affordable Tick Prevention in Eastern Cincinnati

With Mosquito Hunters, our mosquito and tick control is easy to set up. Our services are personalized based on your outdoors, and quotes are likewise customized so you can get treatments on an ongoing basis. Our Season Pass gives you frequent, cost-friendly services throughout tick and mosquito season in Eastern Cincinnati.

Treatments with Mosquito Hunters always come with our well-known Client Happiness Promise. It’s a guarantee that ensures you’ll always see the high-impact results we’ve promised with any regular service. If that’s not happening, just let us know in the first 21 days. We’ll return, re-treat, and make sure you’re getting the minimal tick and mosquito populations we promised. No extra cost. No strings attached. It’s really that simple.

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Client Happiness Promise

Just let us know if you are not happy with a treatment within 21 days post-treatment and we will re-treat your yard free of charge. For any reason. Period.