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When you don’t want to deal with mosquitoes anymore, Mosquito Hunters are the guys for you. Our mosquito control company in Eastern Cincinnati is battle-ready for mosquitoes & ticks all through the warm months. We know how quickly mosquitoes can zap the mood. We’re here to get rid of mosquitoes fast, and to keep them away all summer long.

Mosquito Hunters makes it simple. We can schedule treatments through peak months of mosquito activity, so we’re regularly monitoring mosquito activity, updating treatments, and killing any adult mosquitoes we find. Treatments last for three weeks guaranteed, after which time we’ll be back again to re-treat.

Mosquito Hunters is proud to serve Eastern Cincinnati: Blue Ash, Anderson, Hyde Park, Indian Hill, Madeira, and Montgomery in Hamilton County plus Amelia, Batavia, Williamsburg and New Richmond in Clermont County. We won’t just evict mosquitoes from your backyard—we’ll also keep ticks away, too!

The Mission of Our Mosquito Control Company in Eastern Cincinnati

Mosquito Hunters believes that getting mosquito control services should be easy, affordable, and extremely impactful. We know that your summer is busy and time is in short supply. With each treatment, we bring mosquito populations around your home or business down to a minimum, targeting and eliminating most mosquito adults, larvae, and eggs.

With mosquito and tick-borne diseases rising, West Nile was just detected in Hamilton County in early July, our mosquito control company understands how important it is to provide powerful and fast-acting treatments. For properties in Eastern Cincinnati, our treatments begin to take effect almost immediately, continuing to kill and repel adult mosquitoes for three weeks.

Why Mosquito Hunters

When you choose Mosquito Hunters, you’re choosing experts in mosquito control who take customer service to the next level. We’ve built a reputation for taking care of our Clients, driving mosquitoes away quickly, and delivering consistent results all season:

  • With all of our regular treatments, the Client Happiness Promise from Mosquito Hunters guarantees three weeks of your satisfaction, or we’ll come back and treat your property again, for free.
  • Customers always have unlimited access to us! You can email, text, or phone us with any questions about your mosquito or tick situations.
  • We have strict procedures on how to treat a property so it does not negatively impact bees or butterflies, aka – the good pollinators.
  • We give 5% of profits to Pets in Need, a non-profit veterinarian clinic for low income families.
  • Want to know what our Clients think of us? Read their glowing reviews for yourself!

Call Mosquito Hunters today! Get a simple and no-obligation cost from our mosquito control company in Eastern Cincinnati by contacting us today.

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Client Happiness Promise

Just let us know if you are not happy with a treatment within 21 days post-treatment and we will re-treat your yard free of charge. For any reason. Period.