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Just let us know if you are not happy with a treatment within 21 days post-treatment and we will re-treat your yard free of charge. For any reason. Period. We guarantee it.

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Mosquito Control in Pompano Beach-Boca Raton-Coral Springs

Beyond the incredible mustaches the biggest difference between Mosquito Hunters and other mosquito control companies is simple.

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What home owners say in Pompano Beach-Boca Raton-Coral Springs

I called them because I can’t be outside for 2 seconds and the mosquitoes are having a feast on me. Jonathan came by and sprayed my property. He was polite and respectful.

Claudia R.

Jonathan has serviced our home several times over the past couple of months and we couldn’t be more impressed. He is professional when here; explains the treatments and options well without being pushy or “sales-y”

Kellan G.

Jonathan is our service guy and he’s great!! We have used Mosquito Hunters for a couple of months now. We had mosquito issues that other companies were unsuccessful at eliminating.

Sandy C.

Jonathan did a great job with the mosquito treatment, he was super friendly, on time and very thorough. I told him the areas that were of particular concern and he made sure to focus on those areas while treating the entire area.

Rachael K.

Mosquito Hunters, are about as reliable as you can get. Matt is a honest person and his service are amazing!!! Very recommended.

Daniel L.
From Google

We had a pleasurable experiencing dealing with Matt. I have absolutely nothing negative to critique about this company. My first appointment was seamless, the price was really reasonable and I am feeling the results from our first treatment. My wife and I agreed to sign up for the rest of the year and hope that […]

Walter F.
From Thumbtack

I had a great experience with Mosquito Hunters. Very quick and easy and best of all- my mosquitos are pretty much gone! I highly recommend them

Zoey H.
From Thumbtack

Why Choose Mosquito Hunters of Pompano Beach-Boca Raton-Coral Springs

We believe that a remarkable experience with family and friends does not require a passport or a suitcase. We know that some of life’s best memories are literally made in your own backyard.

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Mosquito Hunters at Lighthouse Point

Frequently asked questions

How much does mosquito control cost

Pricing is mostly contingent on the size of your property and how many treatments you would like to receive. Each property is unique and we customize each barrier to successfully treat your mosquito problem. Please call us for a free quote at any time. Normally, we don’t even need to visit your property – our agents will be able to look your property address using our computer program and verify your property size for an accurate quote.

Is there an all-natural treatment option?

Yes. Many of our all-natural treatments contain various essential oils like lemongrass, cedarwood, rosemary, cinnamon, and garlic. Some ingredients will work to kill mosquitoes instantly while others have a repellant effect, keeping mosquitoes from finding the humans and pets spending time in your yard. We come out to re-apply every 2-3 weeks. With recent advances in natural product formulations, many of our all-natural customers experience results that are comparable to the results of our synthetic treatments.

Do you spray the grass?

Not normally, since mosquitoes do not typically use your grass as a resting area. The most common “hot spots” for hunting mosquitoes during the day include under the leaves of dense bushes and shrubs, underneath decks, and in damp shaded areas of the property. However, Mosquito Hunters does recommend that you keep your grass short during the mosquito season. In some special circumstances like large outdoor parties and weddings, we will spray the grass where your guests will be.

Does Mosquito Hunters service commercial accounts?

Yes, we do – usually at a discounted price. We provide protection for commercial accounts, including golf courses/driving ranges, pools, restaurants with outdoor seating, outdoor concert venues, playgrounds, and campgrounds, just to name a few. Ask us for details!

Does Mosquito Hunters service homeowners associations (HOAs)?

Indeed we do – often at a discount! On top of that, we provide significant savings for large groups of treatments. Ask us for details and we will be happy to give a presentation at your next board meeting.

Can I get just a one-time treatment for a special outdoor party, wedding, or reception?

Sure thing! We protect everything from weddings to backyard birthdays to family reunions. Ask us for details.

Can mosquito control treatments protect against the mosquitoes that carry West Nile Virus?

Yes. The best way to protect yourself and your family from West Nile Virus is to reduce the number of mosquitoes around your home and neighborhood. This is exactly what we do.

Can mosquito control treatments protect against the mosquitoes that carry Zika Virus?

Yes. Regular barrier treatments can effectively kill and prevent mosquitoes, protecting you and your family from Zika Virus and other mosquito-borne illnesses.

Our village has a mosquito truck come through and spray from the street; what makes your service better?

Our treatments are tailored specifically for your property. On foot, our technicians walk your property to apply with a methodology specific to your outdoor space. On the other hand, a mosquito truck sprays a dense fog from the street, intending to eradicate adult mosquitoes, but their service can only reach pockets of infested areas in close proximity to the truck. In many cases, the backyard mosquitoes are left unfazed. We make your backyard our main mosquito hunting area!

Does normal pest control get rid of mosquitoes? What makes your service different?

Mosquitoes are definitely a pest, but normal pest control doesn’t always target these biting bugs. Here at Mosquito Hunters, we’ve worked to perfect a solution that specifically targets mosquitoes. Our barrier treatments also effectively get rid of ticks. Learn more here.

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