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With our tick prevention service, Mosquito Hunters™ makes it easier—and safer—for families in Boerne to spend time outdoors.

Much like mosquitoes, ticks love to set up shop in backyards and front lawns during spring, summer, and fall. Also like mosquitoes, ticks can transmit dangerous illnesses in a single bite. While ticks are best known for spreading Lyme disease, they’re also carriers of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, and a number of other conditions.

By choosing tick prevention from Mosquito Hunters, you can protect your family in Boerne against tick-borne diseases and create a safer outdoor space for adults, children, and pets. Also, because our tick control services use the same treatment product as our mosquito control services, we can provide you with tick control and mosquito control at the same time!

An Easier Solution for Tick Prevention in Boerne

Pet owners in Boerne will probably be familiar with a number of DIY tick control products. These products include shampoos, pills, and special collars, all of which are meant to repel ticks from pets.

These products, unfortunately, pose a few problems. First, they’re often inconvenient to use. Second, many of them irritate the pets that they’re supposed to protect. Third, they only provide protection to four-legged family members—children and adults still need to worry about tick bites.

Our approach to tick control solves these concerns. To start, we handle all aspects of each treatment, so you can sit back and relax while we do the work. Unlike a lot of pet-focused products, our treatments don’t bother or irritate pets. Most important of all, our treatments stop tick infestations at the source. That way, two-legged family members are just as protected as cats and dogs.

Protect Your Lawn with Mosquito Hunters for Tick & Mosquito Season

If you’re looking for tick prevention in Boerne, we suggest opting for our Season Pass program. Treatments on a Season Pass will cost less than individually ordered treatments, which helps keep tick control affordable for families. More importantly, our Season Pass plans are designed to keep your lawn protected for the duration of tick and mosquito season.

We’re able to do this thanks to our barrier treatments. When we apply a barrier treatment, we neutralize ticks and tick eggs on contact. This solves existing tick problems. The treatment then bonds with plants and vegetation, creating a defensive barrier that stops ticks in their tracks.

This defensive barrier remains effective for three weeks. After 21 days, we will return for your next scheduled treatment. This way, your lawn will have an active treatment for the entire season. It’s by far our most popular tick prevention service in the Boerne area, including Kendall County, Comal County, Bulverde, Spring Branch, Fair Oaks Ranch, Bergheim, and Canyon Lake.

For tick prevention in Boerne, contact Mosquito Hunters today!

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