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Mosquito Control Services in Buffalo

Mosquito control services from Mosquito Hunters™ give families in Buffalo, NY the protection they need during mosquito season.

Thanks to an active ingredient that neutralizes mosquitoes on contact, our treatments can quickly reduce mosquito populations. Our treatments also form a protective barrier that prevents new mosquito activity for a minimum of 21 days after application.

This makes our mosquito control services a great alternative to run-of-the-mill products like DEET and mosquito traps.

Unlike DEET, which only repels pests, we will actively eliminate mosquitoes from your property. And unlike mosquito traps, which have a limited radius, we offer an easy way to protect your entire lawn from mosquito activity.

About Our Mosquito Control Services

Our most popular service is our Season Pass program. With a Season Pass, your lawn will be protected for the entire duration of mosquito season. We perform your first treatment in mid-spring, followed by new applications every three weeks. Each treatment will prevent mosquito activity for a minimum of 21 days, ensuring continuous protection.

Season Pass packages are available for a wide range of needs, and include custom plans for residential, commercial, and community properties.

Our residential mosquito control service is popular with homeowners and families, making front lawns and backyards more enjoyable outdoor spaces. This service can also be used for multi-unit properties and by HOAs. Meanwhile, our commercial and community mosquito control programs are a great fit for restaurant patios, outdoor sports venues, public parks, community gardens, and any property with landscaped areas.

In addition to Season Pass plans, we also provide one-time applications for first-time Clients or for special occasions. Our special event mosquito control service is a great choice for outdoor birthday parties, weddings, music festivals, sports tournaments, and a range of other events.

All standard treatments from Mosquito Hunters use a product that is equally effective against both mosquitoes and ticks. This means that properties receiving mosquito control treatments will also be protected against ticks. We also offer all-natural mosquito prevention treatments as an alternative to our standard services.

Proudly Serving the Buffalo Area

Mosquito Hunters is locally owned and operated, serving Clients in the Buffalo metro area. We take pride in serving families, businesses, and civic organizations in our region, with a service area that includes:

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Just let us know if you are not happy with a treatment within 21 days post-treatment and we will re-treat your yard free of charge. For any reason. Period.