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Powerful Mosquito Control For Buffalo Families

At Mosquito Hunters, we know that mosquitoes are irritating at best and dangerous at worst, carrying blood-borne diseases that can affect your family as well as your pets. That’s why our detail-oriented Technicians in Buffalo take the time to carefully administer mosquito control that will reduce your insect populations.

We’ll place barrier treatments around the outside border of your property, to repel new mosquitoes from settling down in your garden. Then, we’ll apply tactical anti-larva treatments to high-risk areas around your property, to reduce existing mosquito larvae populations. Finally, we can assess your property to help you take practical measures to help treatments last longer.

Guaranteed Results For 21 Days With Mosquito Hunters

Mosquito Hunters has a simple mission: to help families enjoy their homes without the annoyance or hazard of dangerous pests. In addition to mosquito control, we also provide tick prevention for Buffalo families.

Our treatments typically last at least 21 days. We know that our treatments work, which is why we always offer a Happiness Promise: if you’re dissatisfied with the work we’ve done within 21 days of treatment, our technicians are happy to return and re-treat your property. Getting effective mosquito control shouldn’t be hard—and it isn’t, with Mosquito Hunters in Buffalo.

This summer, enjoy your home and garden in peace. Get affordable mosquito control in Buffalo by contacting the experts at Mosquito Hunters: (716) 986-1627.

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Client Happiness Promise

Just let us know if you are not happy with a treatment within 21 days post-treatment and we will re-treat your yard free of charge. For any reason. Period.