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Mosquito Protection For The Whole Summer in Buffalo

This summer, mosquito-proof your backyard! Mosquito Hunters™ provides lasting mosquito control services during the peak of mosquito season in Buffalo. Whether you’re looking to protect your family against harmful diseases like the West Nile virus, or you’re just tired of experimenting with insect repellents and fancy fogs, we can help.

With our mosquito prevention services, you’ll see a drastic decrease in any and all mosquito populations around your property. That includes mosquito larvae and eggs! We use a time-released treatment that provides 21 days of full coverage against mosquitoes.

We recommend getting a treatment every three weeks to make sure your home and family are completely protected. In fact, we offer specially discounted pricing, so you can take advantage of summer-long protection! If you live in or near Williamsville, Bowmansville, Millgrove, Lancaster, or Buffalo, get guaranteed mosquito control services from our experts.

Comprehensive Mosquito Control Services For Buffalo Area Homes

At Mosquito Hunters, we combine barrier treatments with targeted applications of our mosquito-unfriendly treatments around your property, to almost completely exterminate all mosquitoes living, breeding, and thriving near your home. We carefully inspect for mosquito activity in your backyard, looking for larvae activity as well as places where mosquitoes can deposit eggs.

For these treatments, our Technicians apply a product with an active ingredient of chrysanthemum flower, which is deadly to mosquitoes. Within days, virtually every mosquito on your property will have come into contact with this treatment.

We even offer completely all-natural mosquito control services in Buffalo. These treatments, which use active ingredients of rosemary and thyme, are recommended for properties with large gardens or ponds. We typically suggest getting these treatments more frequently, to make sure your exterior property always has complete coverage.

21 Days of Guaranteed Mosquito Control Services in Buffalo

At Mosquito Hunters, we live and work in the Buffalo community, and we’re extremely proud of the potency of our mosquito control services. That’s why each of our treatments is backed with the full power of our Happiness Promise. Dissatisfied with a treatment, for whatever reason? Our Technicians can come by to re-treat your property, with no additional charge to you. That’s how confident we are in the power of our mosquito prevention.

Don’t waste another day of spring or summer batting away mosquitoes.

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Client Happiness Promise

Just let us know if you are not happy with a treatment within 21 days post-treatment and we will re-treat your yard free of charge. For any reason. Period.