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When it comes to pest control, some pest populations are often left unaddressed. Fleas commonly fly under the radar when it comes to keeping your yard safe, but these pests can be just as dangerous as mosquitoes, ticks, and other nuisance insects. To effectively protect your outdoor spaces from these invasive annoyances, call in the pros at Mosquito Hunters™. With our proven approach to flea control, we protect our neighbors located all over Cedar Rapids, IA and the surrounding areas.

What You Need to Know About Fleas

Fleas feed on blood, and they generally get into your outdoor areas while feeding on the rodents and other creatures that often carry them. These pests present a threat not only because of their irritating bites, but also because they can transmit a long list of diseases. Plague, tapeworm, and other concerns make addressing fleas a crucial step towards keeping your yard safe from season to season.

Controlling fleas requires a multi-faceted effort. While there are some steps of this process that require a professional touch, there are some others you can complete on your own. Ensuring that your four-legged family members are on anti-flea medication is one important action you can take. Also, clearing away leaf litter and other debris that can attract flea-carrying animals is an easy step towards keeping these pests at bay.

About Our Flea Control Service in Cedar Rapids

To bring you service you can count on, we utilize cutting-edge products that bond with the vegetation in your outdoor spaces. By bonding with leaves and other greenery, our products establish an effective barrier between your yard and neighborhood flea populations. Also, for comprehensive protection without the need to schedule separate services, combine our flea control treatments with our mosquito and tick control programs.

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For dependable pest control without the uncertainty that can come with choosing other companies, we protect our service with one of the strongest guarantees around. With our Hunters’ Happiness Promise, you can have peace of mind through each step of the flea control process. If you’re not satisfied with the service for any reason, just get in touch with us, and we’ll re-treat your lawn at no additional cost.

We use our premium flea control in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Marion, Coralville, Muscatine, North Liberty, and the surrounding communities to keep our neighbors protected from these pests. To get started, contact us today!

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