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Mosquito Spray in Huntersville: How It’s Different From Pest Control 

If you’ve used pest control services in the past, you might be wondering: won’t that take care of mosquitoes and all other kinds of pests, too? But most pest control companies don’t offer mosquito sprays or protection against fleas and ticks. If you want to drive mosquitoes off your property in Huntersville, you’ll want to try mosquito spray treatments from Mosquito Hunters™.

The Difference Between Pest Control and Mosquito Control

Many homeowners think that pest control also means mosquito control. But that’s usually not true! Here’s how our mosquito control services are different from pest control:

  • Type of pests. Most pest control companies specialize in indoor infestations like bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, and rodents which is performed on a quarterly basis.  Fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks require comprehensive outdoor treatments every 3 weeks, which varies from traditional pest control in Huntersville, which is why we always recommend using Mosquito Hunters, who specialized in outdoor mosquito, flea and tick sprays.
  • Indoor treatments. The majority of pest control companies will require entering your home, inspecting interior areas, and treating these areas to prevent pest from entering your home.   Mosquito control specialists focus on the areas outdoors where mosquitoes live, eat and breed like shrubs, trees and standing water.    With our mosquito spray services from Mosquito Hunters in Huntersville,  you can count on results that effectively and drastically reduce these populations.
  • Regular sprays. For pests like cockroaches and bed bugs, infestations occur when one or more of these insects is introduced into your home. For this type of pest control, a one-off treatment strategy is often used. However, mosquitoes live year-round, with high concentrations in Huntersville appearing during their breeding season from April to October. Instead of a one-time treatment, you’ll want regular mosquito sprays every 3 weeks from the trusted team at Mosquito Hunters in Huntersville.

Choosing Effective Mosquito Spray Treatments in Huntersville

In Huntersville and around the county, Mosquito Hunters delivers effective treatments to homes, businesses, communities, and municipalities. We can give you summer-long coverage to keep mosquitoes away from your kids, pets, and property, with our friendly technicians returning throughout the season to administer regular mosquito sprays.

Our service area extends past the county, so if you live in or near the following areas, we can help: Huntersville, Denver, Terrell, Mooresville, Lake Norman, Statesville, Plaza Midwood, Troutman, Myers Park, Ballantyne, Davidson, NODA, Sherills Ford, Cornelius, and Charlotte.

Don’t let mosquitoes get in the way of a great summer. Call Mosquito Hunters at (704) 981-9000 to schedule mosquito spray treatments in Huntersville and Mecklenburg County.


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