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Our Tick Service for Columbia: Protect Your Family from Illness

Every year, tick populations are increasingly steadily around the country. That’s true in South Carolina, too. While our ticks are a year-round concern, they become especially active from April onwards. That’s when it’s time to start using methods of effective tick prevention. In Columbia, SC, that includes tick control services you can rely on. While […]

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Backyard Mosquito Control in Columbia: We Know Mosquitoes

During the warm months in South Carolina, trying to stay away from mosquitoes feels like an impossible task. Unless you’re living in an underground bunker, it’s likely that you’ll sustain some damage from hungry skeeters. But Mosquito Hunters™ offers an alternative: backyard mosquito control for Columbia homeowners. At Mosquito Hunters, our guys are mosquito control […]

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Why You Need Mosquito Spray Barrier Treatments in Columbia

If you live in Columbia, Blythewood, Sumter, or Irmo, you know how bad mosquitoes can get during the height of the warmer months. Muggy weather during the summer, plus plenty of rainfall, provides plenty of incentive for mosquitoes to live, breed, and thrive on our properties. With them, they carry diseases like West Nile, encephalitis, […]

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Best Mosquito Control in Columbia? Mosquito Hunters

In South Carolina, mosquitoes are almost a year-round problem. With our dense rainfall and warm summers, it’s easy for mosquitoes to live, thrive, and bite their way through the seasons. For mosquito control services to be effective, it means regular treatments from a company you trust. So what’s the best mosquito service in Columbia for […]

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Tick Prevention Services in Columbia: What You Need To Know

There’s plenty of ways to protect against creatures like mosquitoes and ticks. But one of the most effective ways to protect your family and pets is with tick prevention in Columbia. We all know that mosquitoes can transmit and carry dangerous illnesses. But ticks and tick-borne illnesses are also extremely serious. Unfortunately, ticks and tick-borne […]

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Proven Mosquito Control in Columbia

Proven Mosquito Control in Columbia There’s a lot to love about living in South Carolina, but there are a few things we’re not so fond of here at Mosquito Hunters™. We don’t know about you, but we’ve seen far too many family barbecues and other outdoor get-togethers get torn apart by mosquitoes. It starts with a faint buzz, […]

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How To Get Effective Flea Prevention in Columbia

In Columbia, flea prevention is a year-round concern. Fleas tend to grow in the shaded, cool areas of our property and then find their way onto our pets. Pets can easily carry fleas and their eggs inside your home. From there, fleas can start an infestation, resulting in expensive and stressful measures of treatment. At Mosquito Hunters®, […]

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