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Mosquito-Proof Your Lawn With Mosquito Hunters

What if you didn’t have to run for cover every time mosquitoes swarmed in your backyard? Find out what it’s like to enjoy your property without swatting mosquitoes, spraying insect repellent, or just plain hiding. At Mosquito Hunters®, we deliver year-round mosquito control services for homeowners in Florence, Fort Mitchell, Covington, and the surrounding Northern Kentucky communities. We don’t just stop at mosquitoes, either. We also take care of  ticks and other avid biters.

With our mosquito control services in the Florence area, our Technicians use a comprehensive, 5-step process to find, target, and exterminate the vast majority of adult mosquitoes, larvae, and eggs. Each of our treatments lasts for up to 21 days. After those 21 days, our Technicians will return to re-apply a new treatment, for regular protection during peak mosquito season.

Mosquito Control Services in Florence From Expert Technicians

At Mosquito Hunters, we place strategic treatments in places where mosquitoes breed, live, and enter your property. Our expert Technicians will assess your exterior property, looking for hot spots where larvae and eggs might be present. The active ingredient in our treatments is chrysanthemum flower, which is highly toxic to mosquitoes and ticks, without presenting the same danger to mammals.

When you schedule mosquito control services with our team in Florence and the surrounding Northern Kentucky communities, we recommend keeping pets and family away from the lawn during treatment. In fact, you don’t even need to be home. Our reliable Technicians can treat your lawn and post a work order to show that treatment is complete. Within 30 minutes, the treatment is dry, and your backyard is ready to be used again!

Guaranteed Mosquito Control in Florence With Our Happiness Promise

With Mosquito Hunters, you can get summer-long protection against the worst of mosquitoes, with our cost-effective Season Pass program. If you have a one-day celebration that needs special attention, like a graduation party or backyard barbecue, our mosquito control services include special event treatments in the Florence area. We even have all-natural treatments, for families looking to go green.

Our work is always backed by the power of our Client Happiness Promise. If your mosquito prevention services are ever unsatisfactory, just let us know in the first 3 weeks. Our friendly Technicians can return to re-treat your backyard, with no extra cost. It’s our Promise to you.

Find out firsthand how good a mosquito-free summer can be. Just give Mosquito Hunters a call and get comprehensive mosquito control services in the Florence and the Northern Kentucky area today.

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Just let us know if you are not happy with a treatment within 21 days post-treatment and we will re-treat your yard free of charge. For any reason. Period.