Mosquito Hunters of The Colony-Frisco

Wouldn’t it be nice to let your kids and pets play on your lawn without lathering them in bug sprays, preventative creams, and ointments? For The Colony-Frisco, there’s an easy solution: Mosquito Hunters™ delivers fast-acting mosquito control services, which are packed with lasting tick prevention. During peak tick and mosquito seasons, our regularly applied treatments will drastically reduce these critters from living, breeding, and biting on your property.

How does it work? With Mosquito Hunters, the powerful product we use to treat and eliminate mosquitoes from your property also targets  ticks. Our tick treatment doesn’t just kill adult ticks, and mosquitoes, it also precisely targets their eggs and larvae. This product is time-released, so you’ll get 21 days of powerful protection. At the end of those three weeks, our technicians in The Colony-Frisco can return to re-administer treatment for regular tick prevention.

Tick Prevention For Pets in Frisco

Ticks can be a serious danger for your pets, but they can also transmit diseases to humans, too. In fact, tick-borne illnesses are increasing around America. At Mosquito Hunters we use several highly effective strategies in the The Colony-Frisco area, for rapid, impactful tick prevention. First, our Technicians will survey your property, making note of any places where mosquitoes and ticks are likely to live or lay eggs.

With these areas, we’ll apply targeted treatments, so that most mosquitoes and ticks living on your property will come into contact with our potent product. Next, we’ll administer a barrier treatment to the edges of your property. Our Technicians can also offer tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of treatment, so you get lasting prevention in Frisco, McKinney, The Colony, or Little Elm.

Year-Round Tick Prevention For Frisco

In The Colony-Frisco, tick prevention can be a year-round concern. At Mosquito Hunters, we strongly recommend getting regular treatments to keep mosquitoes and ticks off your lawn. We offer our Season Pass pricing for property owners, plus one-time sprays for any special events, and all-natural treatment options. With Mosquito Hunters, you can keep the bugs and biters off your property, so the rest of your family can enjoy it in peace.

Keep your pets and kids protected with season-long tick prevention. To learn more about booking regular treatments, contact Mosquito Hunters today.

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