Image of Keeping Mosquitoes Away from your Wedding

Keeping Mosquitoes Away from your Wedding

A wedding is often times one of the most memorable events in an individual’s life. The way that their partner looks walking down the aisle, all parties dressed to a T, and of course, Uncle Joe complaining about the outside reception and about being eaten alive by mosquitos.

Do not let mosquito bites ruin your perfect day. But some may ask, how can we prevent those pesky critters from invading our holy matrimony? Are we going to have to hand out complimentary bug spray bottles to keep them at bay? What can possibly be done?

Mosquitoes Be Gone

We at Mosquito Hunters have heard this complaint countless times from our thousands of clients and offer a viable solution – Mosquito barrier protection. Our professionally trained and licensed technicians can spray any wedding venue to ensure that there are no wedding crashers or uninvited guests.

Our technicians, with their expertise in the field, know that the most sensitive area for a reception or ceremony is where the guests will be spending their time. By paying close attention to these key areas, it will ensure that no bugs can bother your guests.

Aside from the focused core areas, our professionals will do a complete sweep of the venue – targeting mosquito nesting places such as; trees, shrubbery, bushes, hedges, grass, well-lit areas, and around any body of water. In controlling these areas, Mosquito Hunters assures a mosquito-free time.

Alternative Options

Don’t think this is enough defense? There are still more (less effective) options!

Mosquitoes, as tiny insects, have a hard time flying as is. With fans strategically placed around your ceremony or reception, it can make it harder for the bugs to reach your guests. The pesky bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide that all humans emit, and having the fans disperse the CO2 reduces the amount of bugs. Not only do fans serve this great purpose, they will also keep your guests nice and cool!

While you may want a specific flower to be a part of your wedding, as it is one of the most traditional icons, there are alternative options in these choices. Two known plants, both with very distinct smells, to do so are Marigolds and Citronella (which is commonly found in insect repellent). While they may get the job done, it also can severely impact a “dream wedding”.

Trust the Professionals

We have shown that there are multiple advantages and disadvantages to alternative methods, but most of all have exposed that the methods are not 100% accurate. For a fantastic wedding, why not trust the professionals? Give Mosquito Hunters a call at 847-915-3434 for an estimate! Let us make your wedding the most memorable, and bug-free, event of your life.


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