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Will a Mosquito Yard Treatment in Manhasset Work?

When your yard isn’t effectively protected from mosquitoes, these pests can take over and turn going outside into a health risk. Protecting your outdoor spaces from these pests is important, but it’s tough to do on your own. Professional mosquito control is a better option, but you may be unfamiliar with how it works. For a […]

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Mosquito Prevention in Port Washington

Getting the most out of your summer lawn can be tricky when it’s full of hungry mosquitoes. Getting rid of these insects and keeping them from coming back requires a comprehensive approach. Along with the protection provided by our proven mosquito treatments, there are some steps you can take on your own to discourage infestations […]

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Mosquitoes in New York

Did you know that not only does New York have the largest population in the U.S., but New York also holds the title for the top five largest mosquito populations? Cold winters can’t wholly eradicate mosquitoes. As New Yorkers are well aware, the pests come back with a vengeance once the hot, humid weather arrives. […]

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Mosquito Control Company in Garden City

Looking to spend more time outdoors this year? That’ll be tough if your backyard is filled with mosquitoes, especially if you’re relying on DIY mosquito control products. But with the right mosquito control company in Garden City—like Mosquito Hunters™—you can prevent the overwhelming majority of these pesky insects. Our treatments offer immediate relief plus lasting […]

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Mosquito Control Company in Port Washington, NY

At Mosquito Hunters™, we know how much of a headache mosquito season can be. When mosquitoes show up in your backyard, they quickly suck the fun out of spending time outdoors. And mosquito season just so happens to overlap with the sunniest months of the year. The easiest fix to this problem? Hiring a mosquito […]

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Mosquito Control Company in Manhasset: What Sets Us Apart

When summer arrives in Manhasset, your backyard should be the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. But without a way to keep mosquitoes out of your yard, you might as well spend the summer indoors. That’s where a mosquito control company can make a big difference. Mosquito treatments can get rid of existing mosquitoes, prevent […]

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Backyard Mosquito Control in Manhasset

If you’ve lived through mosquito season in Manhasset, you know how challenging backyard mosquito control can be for local families. As soon as the weather gets warmer, mosquitoes are happy to take up residence in your backyard. And when that happens, it can be a nightmare getting rid of them. While a number of DIY […]

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Tick Prevention in Manhasset: Protecting Pets & Families

At Mosquito Hunters™, we know how dangerous mosquito season can be in Manhasset. Mosquitoes not only spoil the outdoors, they also spread dangerous diseases like West Nile virus. But mosquitoes aren’t the only pest that bring health risks to Manhasset. That’s why our services also include tick prevention treatments for local families and businesses. Our […]

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Choosing a Mosquito Treatment in Manhasset

Finding the right mosquito treatment service can make all the difference during summers in Manhasset. While a number of mosquito control companies use the same products and equipment, many of these companies deliver subpar results. So it’s important you choose a mosquito treatment service with a strong reputation and track record. That’s exactly what you’ll get […]

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Mosquito Prevention in Manhasset

The Mosquito Hunters™ approach to mosquito control in Manhasset offers two ways of fighting mosquitoes. Number one is treatment of existing infestations. If mosquitoes have already taken over your yard, we’ll get rid of the problem in a single treatment. Number two is mosquito prevention. This allows us to prevent the vast mosquito activity before […]

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