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Tick Prevention in Mechanicsville

In Mechanicsville, Mosquito Hunters™ is famous for how quickly we get rid of mosquito infestations. But despite our name, mosquitoes aren’t the only pest that our team can prevent. With our tick prevention service, you can protect your family against Lyme disease—the most common vector-borne disease in the United States—as well as a number of other tick-borne illnesses.

Our tick prevention treatments are a natural partner to our mosquito control services in Mechanicsville. While mosquitoes are more of a nuisance than ticks, both of these pests can transmit dangerous diseases with their bites.

Ticks can prove especially dangerous as carriers of Lyme disease. But in addition to Lyme disease, they also transmit illnesses like babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF). The best way to prevent these illnesses is by avoiding tick bites. And if you enjoy spending time in your yard, that means keeping ticks out of your home turf.

Our tick prevention treatments make this easy for homeowners in Mechanicsville. A single treatment will prevent tick activity for the next three weeks—a period covered by our Client Happiness Promise. By performing routine treatments, we can keep your yard protected throughout the warmer months.

Our Treatments For Tick Prevention in Mechanicsville

Wondering what makes our tick treatments work? Rather than simply repelling ticks, our treatments use an ingredient that neutralizes ticks on contact.

That ingredient is called pyrethroids. This is a synthetic version of pyrethrins, a naturally occurring compound found in chrysanthemum flowers. Known as one of nature’s most potent pest-fighters, pyrethrins will neutralize a range of outdoor pests on contact—including mosquitoes and ticks.

Despite their powerful effect against invasive insects and arachnids, pyrethroids are non-irritating to people and pets. In fact, you’ll find pyrethroids in a number of household products, like anti-lice shampoos.

Our treatments function by creating a defensive barrier around the edge of your yard. We apply the treatment product to the perimeter of your yard. If a tick attempts to enter your property by passing through this barrier, the treatment product will neutralize the tick on contact.

Each barrier treatment offers three weeks of protection. Our routine treatment plans will provide a new treatment every 21 days, so your yard is continuously protected against ticks.

Mosquito Hunters is Trusted by Mechanicsville Area Families

Tick prevention services from Mosquito Hunters are available to Clients throughout Mechanicsville. We also offer these services in nearby areas, like Hanover, Sandston, Glen Allen, Henrico, Richmond, and Studley. In addition to treating residential properties, we also offer tick treatments for commercial and municipal Clients within our service area.

For tick prevention in Mechanicsville, contact Mosquito Hunters today!

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