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When you ask homeowners to think of Virginia’s worst backyard pests, mosquitoes are easily at the top of the list. In comparison, ticks receive little attention. But if you’re hiring a pest control service for your yard, ticks should be as much of a priority as mosquitoes. At Mosquito Hunters™, we strongly recommend our tick prevention treatments to families in Hanover, VA, either as a stand-alone service or as an add-on to your mosquito control plan.

Why the big fuss about these tiny, eight-legged pests? The simple answer is that ticks are one of the most dangerous pests because they carry diseases that include hazardous conditions like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

With tick prevention treatments from Mosquito Hunters, you’ll have an easy way to protect your family against ticks. Our solution to the problem is simple: We keep ticks out of your yard in the first place by neutralizing them when they try to enter your property. This approach is proven to substantially reduce tick activity on your property, which means a lower risk of tick bites when spending time outdoors.

The Importance of Tick Prevention

Given their small size and preference for hiding in grassy and bushy areas, it’s easy to underestimate the danger posed by ticks, but it only takes a single tick bite to catch a serious, potentially life-threatening illness.

According to the CDC, there are more than 40,000 cases of tick-borne illness each year. While many of these cases start from tick bites that occur away from home, your yard is the single most likely place for you to be infected by one of these illnesses.

Our services can give you and your family a strong first line of defense against these health risks caused by ticks. They can also help you protect four-legged family members who enjoy spending time outside and may find themselves an easy target for ticks.

Our Tick Treatments in Hanover

Mosquito Hunters makes tick prevention easy for families in Hanover, offering simple, affordable, and effective tick control treatments. These treatments rely on an active ingredient that neutralizes ticks on contact. While lethal to ticks, this ingredient is gentle enough that it’s commonly used in household products like anti-lice shampoos for children and adults. We recommend an ongoing treatment plan, which will allow you to maintain coverage throughout tick season.

Our tick treatments are available to Clients in:

  • Hanover
  • Mechanicsville
  • Sandston
  • Henrico
  • Richmond
  • Studley
  • And the surrounding areas

For tick prevention in Hanover, contact Mosquito Hunters today!

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