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Why Do You Need a Season-Long Program?

Baby, It’s cold outside!  Yes, we’re in the middle of winter and I know you’re not thinking about mosquitoes, however, it won’t be long before the temperatures warm up and the spring rains come. These will bring us beautiful flowers and trees, and more fun outdoors, but they also bring us pests like mosquitoes and ticks. These pesky critters are annoying, but they also carry some nasty diseases. Mosquito Hunters is here to help keep you and your family, including the furry members, protected.  We also help you enjoy being out in your yard without the annoyance of those mosquitoes and ticks.

If you really want to enjoy your backyard, think about mosquito management as a process. At Mosquito Hunters of East Henrico-Mechanicsville, we approach mosquito control with a consistent program.  Most people don’t think about mosquitoes and ticks until they’re outside in the summer covered in bites.  However, mosquito control is most effective when it starts early in the season and continues throughout the entire season.  Mosquitoes have been around for a very long time and they are very good at what they do.  Starting early in the season allows your technician to work with you to control the population early and reduce spikes in the population later due to weather fluctuations. This will give you a more consistent result throughout the season.


There are two common misconceptions about mosquito control:

1) Only one treatment is necessary.

In fact, it may take several treatments to achieve the desired and realistic effects of mosquito control, and regular treatments to maintain that control throughout the season.

2) Skipping or delaying treatments won’t matter.

Skipping or delaying treatments because you are satisfied with the results for the short term may result in a spike in the mosquito population that can be much harder to control later. It can be like starting over again.


Here in Mechanicsville, mosquito season runs roughly from April through October. We do ten treatments during this time for a complete program.  When a mosquito control program is started early before the mosquitoes are at their worst, then it is easier to keep the mosquito population under control throughout the entire season.  Each treatment builds on the last and makes them even more effective. This is the reason that we encourage everyone to sign up for a season-long program with regularly scheduled treatments.

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