Image of Mosquito Hunters’ Newest Service Plan

Mosquito Hunters’ Newest Service Plan

At Mosquito Hunters, we are always interested in finding to ways to innovate our mosquito control services for our clients. For years, we’ve been helping thousands of families experience the peace of mind that comes with a mosquito-free summer with our barrier and anti-larvae treatments. Today, we are pleased to announce our newest innovation – Mosquito Hunters’ Bat Concierge Service Plan.

Effective immediately, for a nominal fee, we will set loose a colony of 80 to 100 bats in your yard, where they will reside for the next six months. The bats will spend the summer living in your trees, sleeping upside-down, and – best of all – eating any mosquito that tries to sneak into your yard.

Yes, the bats will probably scare a few of your neighbors, but we promise they are not as mean as they look. Also, keep in mind that since the bats will live off of the mosquitoes in your yard, you will not need to worry about feeding them. The bats will hang out – literally – in your yard until Halloween, at which point they will fly to Transylvania (as all bats naturally do). Please sign up for Mosquito Hunters’ Bat Concierge Service Plan today!


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