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Wondering if our mosquito control really works? Here’s what some of our clients have to say

At Mosquito Hunters, we strive to make positive client experiences a priority. We take our client relationships very seriously, which is why we offer our Client Happiness Promise— if ever you’re not happy, just call us within the 21 days post-treatment and we’ll re-treat your property, free of charge. For any reason. Period.

Signed up for a spring to fall treatment with Mosquito Hunters. We had a party with 40 people over, over the weekend, so I made sure to have them come and spray before hand. They came the day before the party, Miguel, my tech did a really good job of explaining the procedure. He even took pictures of my vegetable garden and said he was going to put it in the file so future techs would know not to spray there. We had about 90% humidity and 93 degrees at the party and no skeeters at all. My wife was surprised it worked that well. The week prior to the treatment my kids where getting bit every day. Great customer service and communication is key. Hard to find customer service like this- these days. 5 star

A. Newcomb

I’ve enjoyed the summer in my backyard this year so much thanks to Mosquito Hunters. They truly do an outstanding job keeping the mosquitos at bay. I also appreciate that they call and email to give the homeowner a heads up of when they will be out to treat. I want to give “Erik Dammstrom” my MH technician yesterday five stars also. I came home while he was just finishing up spraying my yard. He was a very personable, informative and knowledgeable young man. Good luck getting the $500 scholarship Erik!

Cindy T.

This is the second year that we have had Mosquito Hunters spray our property. I was skeptical at first. We built a house by a conservation easement and a pond. Very pretty…..but we couldn’t sit outside. Now we can enjoy our backyard! I had to call them back only one time….and they gladly came and resprayed for us. They want their customers satisfied…that’s for sure! Thanks to Hunter Jordan Lickert…he does a great job!

Alice G.

We just had my wife’s birthday party outside on June 11th. No mosquitoes were invited and none showed up! This service works!

Harley F.

We’re into the second season with Mosquito Hunters and couldn’t be more pleased with them. Great communication when they are coming out for an application and next day response if you need any follow-up treatment because of a stormy day after the treatment. And most importantly, it works! I can work out in the yard and not be bothered by skeeters, and we can sit outside and enjoy the summer without getting bitten up. Big thumbs up to Mosquito Hunters…thank you!

Kathryn C.

Mosquito Hunters arrived promptly and sprayed my 1/3 acre. They carefully avoided my dogs in their fenced in enclosure and this morning having breakfast on my patio I would normally be bothered by mosquitos, but no the hunters eradicated them! Awesome job hunters! You have earned a 5 star review!

Jim B.

I’ve been using Mosquito Hunters for the past three years and am so impressed with the service and the staff.  We live in a wooded area and have NEVER been able to enjoy the outdoors during the summer until we started using Mosquito Hunters.  We now can garden, barbecue and entertain outdoors virtually mosquito free.  We no longer have to spray tons of that awful insect spray all over ourselves before going out.   The staff is courteous and very professional.   They are there when scheduled unless rain prohibits them from spraying.  They will then reschedule you as soon as weather permits.

We now finally enjoy our summers outdoors thanks to this firm.  They are very competitive, extremely knowledgeable and attentive to your needs.   I very highly recommend them.

Mary P.

Fantastic service and good prices! Used Mosquito Hunters for the first time this season and saw a lot LESS mosquitos and bugs outside our home. Very prompt and responsive to email. Reminder phone call made day before treatments… Will definitely use again next year and would highly recommend!

Albert L.

Nile W.
Noell V.
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