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Choosing a Tick Treatment in Ballwin

Your yard should be a safe place for you and your family to spend time outdoors. But during tick season, time outside can be dangerous. Many tick bites occur in backyards, and it only takes one bite to contract a tick-borne illness. That’s why we recommend a tick treatment service to any homeowner in Ballwin.

At Mosquito Hunters™, our tick prevention services work by stopping ticks from accessing your yard in the first place. Our treatments create a protective barrier around the edge of your property, which kills ticks when they try to enter your yard.

With our experience fighting ticks, we know how important the right tick treatment service can be. If you’re hiring a tick prevention company in the Ballwin area this year, here are three tips to help you find the right provider.

Finding the Perfect Tick Treatment in Ballwin

Effective Treatments. Different types of products and strategies can deliver different results against ticks. It’s important you understand just how effective different tick treatment services will be. At Mosquito Hunters, our barrier treatments are proven to dramatically reduce tick activity, with results lasting for a minimum of three weeks. In fact, we back each treatment for 21 days with our Client Happiness Promise.

Responsible Practices. When treating your yard for ticks, you don’t want to introduce dangerously toxic chemicals. That’s something we understand at Mosquito Hunters. The active ingredient in our treatment product is derived from the chrysanthemum flower and can be found in a number of household products, which includes anti-lice shampoos. We also use low-emission backpack sprayers, minimizing the amount of product used in our treatments.

Family-Friendly Plans. In addition to being effective, the right treatment service will be affordable and convenient. At Mosquito Hunters, we deliver on both fronts through our Season Pass packages. By bundling a full season’s worth of treatments together, we keep these packages affordable. We also develop a custom schedule for each Client, minimizing any disruption caused by treatments.

Tick Prevention for Ballwin, MO With Mosquito Hunters

Our tick treatment services are available throughout Ballwin and the surrounding areas. In addition to Season Pass plans, we offer one-time treatments as needed. We also offer package treatment plans that include tick and mosquito control together!

Our complete service area includes:

  • Ballwin
  • Creve Coeur
  • Manchester
  • Town and Country
  • Chesterfield
  • And the surrounding areas

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