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Mosquito Spray in Tampa: How It’s Different From Pest Control

If you’re dealing with high mosquito populations around your home or business, your first instinct may be to call a pest control service. But most pest control services don’t address mosquitoes and ticks. Instead, you’ll want to contact Mosquito Hunters™. We travel to properties in Tampa, Clearwater, Land O’Lakes, St. Pete, and Wesley Chapel to administer mosquito spray treatments throughout the year.

What’s the difference between traditional pest control services and our mosquito control services? Here are three distinctions to keep in mind:

  • Type of pest. The simplest distinction between pest control and mosquito control is what type of pest you need help with. Pest control services are typically great for cockroaches, rats, bed bugs, ants, and centipedes. At Mosquito Hunters in Tampa, we’ll help you deal with mosquitoes and ticks.
  • Indoor versus outdoor. Because pest control services mostly deal with indoor infestations, most treatment methods are indoors as well. With our mosquito spray services at Mosquito Hunters in Tampa, our Technicians only need to treat the exterior of your property to bring your mosquito population down to almost zero.
  • Frequency of treatment. With pest control services, you’ll probably only want to contact a company when you see signs of pest activity in your home. These types of services are typically one-time. But mosquito control requires regular treatments every few weeks, to maintain active protection against mosquitoes.

Choosing Mosquito Spray Treatments in Tampa

Tampa’s hot, rainy climate makes it an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. Whether you own a home or a restaurant, or just want your community to stay protected against these disease-carrying insects, our mosquito spray treatments can exterminate almost all mosquitoes from your property or neighborhood in Tampa. Each regular treatment lasts for about 21 days, with our team returning to reapply treatments at the end of this period.

If you see an extremely high concentration of mosquito activity on your property, you won’t just want regular mosquito spray treatments. You need our extra-strength Power Treatments. These high-powered services are perfect for properties that are situated close to wooded areas, creeks, ditches, or other landscape features that collect moisture. During peak mosquito season in Tampa, our Technicians will extensively treat your yard, seeking out areas where mosquitoes are feeding, breeding, or hatching. You’ll quickly see a drop in ticks and mosquitoes that prey on your lawn.

See our mosquito spray treatments in action. Contact us to learn more about setting up monthly services.


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