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Why Flea Prevention is Essential For Tampa Homeowners

If you own a dog or cat, you’ve probably wondered at some point: does my pet have fleas? If you’re lucky, the answer is no. But for Tampa homeowners, getting regular flea prevention services is an easy way to put that question to rest. At Mosquito Hunters®, we administer powerful flea control in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Clearwater, Land O’Lakes, and St. Pete. We know how expensive and stressful it can be when your pet has fleas—so why not get flea prevention to help avoid this problem in the first place?

3 Myths To Debunk About Flea Prevention

At Mosquito Hunters, our Tampa team hears a lot of myths and misinformation about flea prevention. Here’s a few common myths to debunk:

  • Myth: You don’t have carpets, so you don’t need to worry. It’s true that fleas and flea eggs are often embedded in carpeting around the home. But that’s not the only place they like to hide. Fleas can infest bedding, clothes, and your upholstery. Their eggs often fall in the cracks of floorboards and in baseboards, too, where they can lie dormant for weeks.
  • Myth: You haven’t seen a flea on your pet, so it’s okay. We always recommend checking your pets carefully to see if you can spot fleas or the dark flecks they leave behind. However, just because you don’t see a flea doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use flea prevention services in Tampa. Fleas can thrive in your garden, and all it takes is one flea to start a serious infestation.
  • Myth: Your vet can provide comprehensive flea prevention. Your vet will likely have great recommendations on how to treat your pet, and can probably provide topical creams to apply. However, you will also want professional flea prevention services to lay treatments around your Tampa garden and home.

Getting Powerful Flea Prevention in Tampa

Because of Tampa’s humid year-round climate, flea control is unfortunately a 12-month problem. Many homeowners deal with higher swarms of pests, including fleas, which breed at higher rates during warm seasons. It’s one of the many reasons that Mosquito Hunters offers power treatments, for Tampa homeowners who are really struggling with flea infestations. The good news is the treatment methods that we use on fleas also work on mosquitoes and ticks—so you get results on three types of insects, for the price of one treatment.

Let’s get your home protected against fleas, ticks, and other pesky critters. Contact Mosquito Hunters in Tampa today at (813) 534-4145, and speak to one of our flea prevention experts now.


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