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Fleas are abundant pests that can cause a number of health issues. On top of that, they’re also incredibly annoying. At Mosquito Hunters™, we provide trusted flea control to defend properties in the Tyler area. With our powerful products, reliable strategies and unmatched local experience, we have what it takes to keep your home, business or community space protected.

What You Need to Know About Fleas

Fleas come in many varieties, with over 2,500 species on earth and over 300 of those calling North America home. They can be found on cats, dogs, rodents and other animals, but having pets is not a requirement for flea issues. These pests can make their way onto your property in a number of ways, and once they do, they may even end up inside your home.

This is a troubling problem, since they carry tapeworms and disease. They can jump a long way to land on their victims as well. With their thirst for blood and desire to bite our own skin, they can be just as annoying and stress-inducing as mosquitoes.

About Our Flea Control Service in Tyler

Our service includes highly effective barrier treatments with our spray repellent. This product will kill off fleas and make the area unappealing for others who try to invade. Since adult fleas only represent 5% of the population, we also focus a lot of energy on getting rid of eggs, larvae, and pupae. It is absolutely critical to eliminate these pests in the early stages. If you allow them to mature, you’ll have a swarm of adult fleas on your property that can make life truly miserable.

We can take care of this problem with regular service. We provide frequent barrier treatments along with routine inspections to limit breeding. With our dedicated support, your home or business can be completely flea-free.

How You Can Help Control Fleas

There are several steps you can take to make our work more successful. First, you can make sure your lawn is properly mowed before our service. Also, make sure to clear away debris or items from the yard. Lastly, consult your vet and keep your pets on recommended flea protocols, as this will go a long way toward minimizing the issue and keeping your pets protected.

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Ready for exceptional protection from fleas? Mosquito Hunters provides professional flea control throughout Tyler, Palestine, Flint, Whitehouse, Lindale, Corsicana, and the surrounding areas. To get more details, contact us today. 

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