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Fleas are a problem that many people associate with household pets. While your dogs and cats are certainly vulnerable to this issue, they’re not the only source of flea infestations. These pests can become an issue even if you have no animals in your home. At Mosquito Hunters™, we provide trusted flea control throughout Powder Springs, protecting local homes, businesses, and community areas from this common nuisance.

What You Need to Know About Fleas

Fleas are incredibly common in the USA, with over 300 species in total. The most populous flea variety is known as the cat flea, but this pest can be found on dogs, rodents, birds and other wild animals as well.

These small pests can land on people or animals from over 150x the length of their bodies. Once they get there, they feed on our blood, leaving itchy and annoying bites, usually on our lower legs or arms. What’s worse, these bites can cause dangerous infections, especially for our pets. Fleas carry tapeworms and many other dangerous diseases, so it’s critical to get on top of this issue.

About Our Flea Control Service in Powder Springs

We are proud to offer the most effective flea control in the area. Our service includes barrier treatments that kill off flea populations and defend your yard from outside attack. Most crucially, we target breeding and nesting areas to destroy eggs, larvae, and pupae. Fleas reproduce at a rapid rate, with over 95% of them existing at some stage of early life development. If you sit back and do nothing, they will all mature into adults, and you’ll have a massive population on your hands.

With our ongoing service, we can neutralize these pests, eliminate their breeding cycle and keep your yard protected.

How You Can Help Control Fleas

Our trusted service is the perfect way to protect your property from fleas. To see the best results, we recommend taking the time to make sure your lawn is ready for us. This includes keeping it properly mowed, clearing away any items that are out there, and keeping the space clear of debris that could attract rodents. Additionally, you can help the situation by keeping your pets on the right flea control protocol as directed by their vet.

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Mosquito Hunters delivers expert flea control in Powder Springs, Kennesaw, Marietta, Cobb County. To get started, contact us today. 

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