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At Mosquito Hunters™, it’s our goal to provide Katy with a better class of mosquito control company. As a locally owned and operated business, we know how bad mosquito season in Katy can be. But with our mosquito control services, you can keep these buzzing, biting, bloodthirsty pests at bay throughout the warmer months.

By choosing Mosquito Hunters, you can eliminate any existing mosquito infestations. More important, you’ll also be able to shield your lawn against future mosquito activity. On a Season Pass plan, we’ll ensure that your lawn has an active mosquito treatment for the entire mosquito season. That way, skeeters never get a chance to set up shop on your property.

With our mosquito control company on your side, you no longer need to worry about swarms of mosquitoes every time you step outside. And that means you and your family can spend more time enjoying the outdoors—and less time scratching at itchy mosquito bites.

Our Mosquito Control Company’s Mission

At Mosquito Hunters, we strive to be Katy’s most trusted mosquito control company. To do that, we’ve built our mosquito control services around three core principles.

First, we want to provide local families with affordable protection against mosquitoes. That’s reflected in our pricing, and it’s bolstered by the savings you’ll enjoy on a Season Pass package.

Second, we hold ourselves to exceptional standards for customer service. This is one of the main reasons behind our Hunters Happiness Promise, which guarantees your satisfaction for 21 days after each treatment.

Third, we strive to provide the highest quality mosquito control treatments possible. That‘s why we use a treatment product that’s proven to dramatically reduce mosquito activity. This product also works against ticks, which allows us to protect your family against both mosquito-borne and tick-borne illnesses.

Why Our Mosquito Control Company

As one of the top-rated mosquito control companies in Katy, there’s a lot that set Mosquito Hunters apart. Below is a quick look at five reasons why we’re so popular within Katy, South Katy, Cinco Ranch, and Houston.

  • We provide unlimited phone and email support to clients, responding to most inquiries within one business day.
  • We offer residential, commercial, and municipal services, covering a wide range of mosquito control needs.
  • We provide a special event mosquito control service, which offers standalone treatments for outdoor events.
  • We survey your property on foot during each treatment, allowing us to spot and target mosquito larvae.
  • We back every treatment with our Hunters Happiness Promise. If we fail to meet this promise, we re-do the treatment at no additional cost.

For a better mosquito control company in Katy, contact us today!

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Client Happiness Promise

Just let us know if you are not happy with a treatment within 21 days post-treatment and we will re-treat your yard free of charge. For any reason. Period.