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What to Expect from Our Tick Treatments in Naperville

One of the best parts of having a backyard is giving your pets a place to roam and explore. However, if your yard is crawling with ticks, there’s a chance that your animals may come back inside with a few unexpected guests. You might already be using creams or insect-repellent collars to protect your pets, but these methods don’t address the real issue. With our tick treatments from Mosquito Hunters™, you can tackle those pesky critters head-on, so the whole family, four-legged members included, can make the most of your yard in Naperville next spring and summer.

Why We Offer Tick Treatments in Naperville

Mosquitoes are annoying, yes, and we’re happy to help our Clients get these buzzing brutes under control. However, as animal-lovers, we also can’t stand idly by as ticks try to target our beloved dogs and cats across the Naperville area. Tick bites can be uncomfortable, especially since those bloodsuckers have a hard time letting go. In addition, they may be carrying diseases as well.

If you’re one of the many pet owners in Naperville, Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, Aurora, or Elgin, consider getting a tick treatment to cut down on the unwanted critters in your yard. The process is simple: just give our team at Mosquito Hunters a call and we’ll book a free consultation with our Technicians. Once we identify the hot spots and get a sense of what we’re dealing with, we can plan an environmentally responsible treatment to address the ticks that are already in your yard, and reduce the risk of more ticks setting up shop.

Worried about how tick treatments might affect your loved ones and your property in Naperville? Don’t be! We use environmentally responsible practices that are pet- and family-friendly, so the only ones who should be worried are the ticks and mosquitoes! After our Technicians treat your yard, you can head outside and enjoy the outdoors in just 30 minutes.

Learn More About Our Tick Prevention Services

Winters in the Naperville area can be brutal, so we’ve made it our business to help all of our Clients make the most of the warmer months. Our tick treatments can let you enjoy your backyard more.

Call Mosquito Hunters today at (847) 915-3434 to learn more about our tick treatments, the products we use, and our environmentally responsible approach to treating all kinds of pests in Naperville.

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