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Fleas and ticks are a major headache for pet owners in Chesterfield MO. It doesn’t seem to matter how many medications you give your pet or what kinds of collars you buy, these tiny pests find a way to hitch a ride on four-legged family members. So instead of depending on a last line of defense, be proactive this summer with flea and tick prevention services from Mosquito Hunters®.

Our flea and tick prevention treatments offer a host of advantages for Chesterfield MO families. They’re delivered by friendly, specially trained technicians and they’re also effective against mosquitoes, allowing to tackle three pest problems at once.

Environmentally Friendly Flea and Tick Prevention in Chesterfield

dog sitting in flea and tick prevention Chesterfield yardDespite their tiny size — or perhaps because of it — fleas and ticks can be a maddening problem for homeowners. Both of these pests are nearly impossible to spot before they attack, leaving pets and people with few real lines of defense. That can lead to a major headache, like a never-ending flea infestation, or even a life-threatening illness, like Lyme disease.

At Mosquito Hunters, we take a more proactive and effective approach to flea and tick prevention in Chesterfield. Our strategy is to target fleas and ticks where they hide: in your yard. We then use sprays to drive both of these pests out and away from your property. This way, you don’t need to worry about applying medications or collars to your dog or cat. Also, children can play outdoors without the worry of a dangerous tick bite.

Another reason to choose Mosquito Hunters for flea and tick prevention? The product used for our flea and tick treatments is the same product we use for mosquito prevention. This means that we can treat your lawn in Chesterfield in a single visit for fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. If you opt for our Season Pass package, you can protect your property against all these pests throughout Chesterfield’s summer months.

In addition to Chesterfield MO, Mosquito Hunters is proud to provide flea and tick prevention throughout the local area. We serve homeowners in Creve Coeur, Manchester, Ballwin, and Town and Country, and we also provide commercial and municipal services within these areas.

Learn more about our flea and tick prevention services for the Chesterfield area by calling Mosquito Hunters today at (314) 249-3974.

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