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When you need tick prevention in Grand Rapids & Surrounding Areas, Mosquito Hunters™ has you covered. Our impactful mosquito control comes fully loaded with tick and flea control as well. That means when we treat your property for mosquitoes, the high-powered product and strategies we rely on will bring mosquitoes and ticks down to a minimum.

As tick populations continue to steadily rise around the country, we appreciate how important it is to keep your family away from the diseases that they spread. For homes around the Grand Rapids area, our tick prevention means that you won’t have to worry any time your children or pets venture into your outdoors. Our Technicians are tick experts and can make sure your property is getting the attention and treatment required to keep ticks away during the seasons when they’re active.

Impactful and Fast-Acting Treatments With Proven Results

With frequent treatments from Mosquito Hunters, you’ll see the results of our services immediately, as mosquito and tick populations drop right away. You’ll continue to reap the benefits of mosquito and tick prevention for at least 21 days, since our tick treatment product is designed to gradually release its active, tick-killing ingredient over a period of time. Our Technicians can come back on a regular basis to re-apply treatment and monitor any bug activity.

We rely on barrier treatments to quickly curb tick and mosquito adult populations in Grand Rapids & Surrounding Areas. Our Technicians look for places where these bugs are likely to deposit eggs, hatch, or breed, and treat these areas as well, so that emerging populations can be halted. We treat your outdoors carefully and on foot, so not a single blade of grass is forgotten. We can also offer any tips that might maximize the length and efficacy of your treatment.

Expert Tick Prevention For Grand Rapids and Kent County

At Mosquito Hunters, we take the threat of mosquitoes and ticks seriously. Our guys are well-versed in tick prevention methods that are up-to-date. We’ve always got a mosquito sprayer loaded and ready for services in Grand Rapids, Ada, Rockford, Lowell, Caledonia and Byron Center.

And don’t forget about our Client Happiness Promise, which applies to tick control as well as mosquito control. If you’re not seeing the proven results that Mosquito Hunters is famous for, just give us a shout in the first three weeks. We’ll be there to address the issue and make sure you get the tick control you need.

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Client Happiness Promise

Just let us know if you are not happy with a treatment within 21 days post-treatment and we will re-treat your yard free of charge. For any reason. Period.