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Mosquitoes aren’t the only pests that can ruin your summer. The high humidity also brings fleas, which can become more than just a nuisance for your pets. In fact, fleas can lead to serious health conditions like dermatitis, anemia, and even tapeworms. So it’s little wonder that concerned dog and cat owners in the area are turning to Mosquito Hunters for our flea prevention treatment.

Kill Fleas at Their Source

Treating your pet is only half the battle. Typical prevention methods, such as topical medications and specialized collars, don’t actually get rid of fleas. – what do they do? Can we briefly explain? They can still remain dormant on your property for long periods of time, just waiting for the right conditions to emerge. Worse yet, fleas can even find their way to your home.

Treatments from Mosquito Hunters, on the other hand, directly target the locations where the flea larvae lived and hide, reducing the existing flea population on your property and preventing the emergence of new ones.

Our treatments are administered by experienced, professional technicians who have knowledge of the local area and the utmost respect for your property.

Mosquito Hunters provides professional flea control for homes, businesses in Kyle, Buda, and surrounding areas. Call today to learn more and book a free consultation.

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