Mosquito Hunters of Suburban Essex

Mosquito Prevention in Millburn

Mosquitoes are an awful thing to deal with on a nice summer day. They can turn a beautiful afternoon in the sun into a miserable experience. At Mosquito Hunters™, we believe in taking a stand against these enemies of summer. Here are some effective mosquito prevention tips that work great in the Millburn area. The […]

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As every Livingston homeowner knows by now, mosquitoes require standing water to breed and can take as few as only four days to emerge.  Since your Mosquito Hunters of Suburban Essex service treatments are three weeks apart, you have recognized how important it is to eliminate any standing water.  So, what do you do?  You […]

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Whether you live in Montclair, Verona, Short Hills, Union or anywhere in between, you surely have felt the bite of New Jersey’s biggest nuisance—the mosquito, but can you tell the difference between mosquitoes and two of their imposters, crane flies and gnats?   CRANE FLIES Crane flies may look like mosquitoes on steroids, but they […]

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Image of Tick Facts

Tick Facts

Ticks: The Other Backyard Pests At Mosquito Hunters of Suburban Essex, we treat more than just mosquitoes.  Our philosophy is to work closely with our clients to both educate and identify trouble spots in your yard when it comes to both mosquito and tick control.  The danger of ticks are not simply urban legends; did […]

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Image of Mosquitoes Will Bite You

Mosquitoes Will Bite You

After a long day in the sun treating mosquitoes, I sometimes find myself thinking that I can hear mosquitoes singing their own take on Queen’s famous anthem, “We Will Rock You.” Bzzz…Bzzz…SLAP! Bzzz…Bzzz…SLAP! Yummy! There’s a boy! Let’s make some noise! Playing in the yard, gonna be a big meal today He’s got blood in […]

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Mosquito Control Company in the Oranges

Struggling to keep mosquitoes out of your backyard? At Mosquito Hunters™, we know how difficult DIY mosquito control can be. But with a little help from our mosquito control company, families in the Oranges can turn their backyards into mosquito-free zones. Our mosquito treatments offer key advantages over DIY mosquito control methods. Unlike DEET, which […]

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Mosquito Control Company in Parsippany, NJ

At Mosquito Hunters™, our mosquito control company started with a family-focused mission. As longtime residents of the Parsippany area, we wanted to help other local homeowners fight mosquitoes, giving them the protection they need to enjoy a mosquito-free summer. Our mosquito treatments solve three important problems for families. One, they make your yard a more […]

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Mosquito Control Company in Livingston: What Sets Us Apart

Want to make summers in Livingston more enjoyable? You can start with taking mosquitoes out of the equation. By hiring a mosquito control company, you can get existing mosquitoes out of your yard and stop new ones from invading your property. This way, you’ll have the perfect space for enjoying the summer weather and sunshine—one […]

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Choosing a Tick Treatment in Livingston

When you and your family are in your backyard, the last thing on your mind should be Lyme disease. That’s why Mosquito Hunters™ strongly recommends tick treatments for homeowners in the Livingston area. With the right treatment plan, you can dramatically reduce tick activity on your property. That way, you to put worries about tick-borne […]

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Backyard Mosquito Control in Livingston

There’s no better place to enjoy the summer months than your backyard. But in Livingston, that could mean enduring swarms of hungry skeeters. If your yard is prone to mosquito problems, the right approach to backyard mosquito control can make a world of difference during the warm-weather months, giving you a space where you can […]

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