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At Mosquito Hunters™, we’re best known for our mosquito control treatments. But mosquitoes aren’t the only outdoor pests covered by our services. We also offer tick prevention services in the Cedar Rapids area, helping protect your lawn against two of Iowa’s worst lawn pests.

While ticks are less common than mosquitoes, that’s no reason to ignore them. As known carriers of Lyme disease and a number of other illnesses, ticks represent a serious health hazard to families. If you’re already worried about mosquito-borne conditions like West Nile virus, you should be equally concerned about tick-borne diseases.

The good news is that with our tick prevention in Cedar Rapids, it’s easy to keep ticks away from your lawn. Our tick treatments will neutralize any tick that comes into contact with the treatment product. Each treatment also creates a defensive barrier to stop them from nesting in your lawn for a minimum of three weeks. Our Season Pass plans include regular treatments to keep ticks at bay throughout the warmer months.

The best part? We use the same treatment product and techniques for tick prevention that we use for mosquito control. That way, families in Cedar Rapids get two types of pest control for the cost of a single treatment.

Our Tick Prevention in Cedar Rapids

Wondering what allows us to offer tick control and mosquito control in a single treatment? The answer lies in an active ingredient called pyrethroids. Pyrethroids are synthetically derived from pyrethrins, a natural compound found in chrysanthemum flowers.

Pyrethrins are known as one of nature’s best pest-fighting compounds. They have the power to neutralize mosquitoes and ticks on contact, along with a host of other pests. That’s why you’ll find this ingredient in a number of household products, including anti-lice shampoos.

To protect your lawn against ticks and mosquitoes, we apply our treatment product to the undersides of vegetation. During application, any ticks or mosquitoes that come into contact with the product will be neutralized. Afterward, the product will form a thin barrier on the vegetation, remaining active for the next three weeks. Ticks and mosquitoes that try to nest in your lawn will come into contact with this layer, stopping them in their tracks.

On a Season Pass plan, we perform a new treatment every three weeks. That way, your lawn will have an active treatment throughout tick season in Cedar Rapids.

Mosquito Hunters Proudly Serves the Cedar Rapids Area

Mosquito Hunters offers tick prevention treatments throughout Cedar Rapids, as well as nearby communities like Marion, Hiawatha, North Liberty, and Solon. We offer solutions for residential, commercial, and civic properties, and each treatment we offer is backed by the Hunters Happiness Promise.

For tick prevention in Cedar Rapids, contact Mosquito Hunters today!

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