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At Mosquito Hunters™, we know how pervasive mosquitoes can be during summers in Cedar Rapids, IA. Our mosquito control company gives you and your family the protection you need to keep these stubborn pests at bay throughout the warmer months.

Just as importantly, we deliver this protection at affordable prices with an above-and-beyond commitment to our Clients’ satisfaction—a commitment exemplified by our Client Happiness Promise. This promise guarantees the quality of our treatments for 21 days after application. If we fail to meet this standard, we will come back and re-do your treatment at no additional charge.

The Mission of Our Mosquito Control Company in Cedar Rapids

Our mosquito control company started with a clear and straightforward vision for mosquito control services. We strive to deliver the most effective protection possible to homeowners in Cedar Rapids. We’re committed to making this protection affordable for families. And we hold ourselves to exceptional standards of customer service.

To deliver on this mission, we use a treatment product that neutralizes mosquitoes on contact. This product allows us to quickly reduce mosquito populations in heavily infested areas. We also apply our treatment product around the perimeter of your yard to form a defensive barrier. This barrier lasts for at least three weeks, stopping mosquitoes (and ticks) from infesting your property during this period.

We bolster these results by creating a custom treatment plan for each property and by bringing an exceptional eye for detail to our work. During applications, our Technicians check for signs of mosquito activity and mosquito larvae. We target mosquito hotspots and limit breeding zones to minimize mosquito activity in your yard.

Our Season Pass bundles ensure affordable pricing for families, with plans that cover the full duration of mosquito season. We also offer one-time treatments for special events and first-time Clients, as well as all-natural treatments using ingredients like thyme and rosemary.

Why Mosquito Hunters

Wondering what else makes our mosquito control company a great choice for families in Cedar Rapids?

  • Our Clients receive unlimited phone and email support, with responsive service from staff.
  • Unused treatments from your Season Pass plan can be carried over to the nest season.
  • Natural treatments cost the same as our standard treatments and use all-natural ingredients.
  • Each application will prevent mosquito and tick activity for a minimum of three weeks.
  • We cover every treatment with our Client Happiness Promise, which lasts for 21 days!

Ready to get started? Mosquito Hunters offers service throughout the Cedar Rapids area, including Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Marion, Hiawatha, North Liberty, and Solon.

For a better mosquito control company in Cedar Rapids, contact Mosquito Hunters today!

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Client Happiness Promise

Just let us know if you are not happy with a treatment within 21 days post-treatment and we will re-treat your yard free of charge. For any reason. Period.