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Backyard Mosquito Control in Huntersville: We Know Mosquitoes

mosquito on arm showing the need for backyard mosquito control in HuntersvilleYour yard is meant for the good things in life. Whether you’re grilling meat for the family, chasing the dog around, or just relaxing—you shouldn’t have to worry about mosquitoes. With effective backyard mosquito control for Huntersville, you don’t have to wonder whether mosquitoes are about to ruin the mood.

That’s where Mosquito Hunters™ comes in. With regular treatments of our barrier mosquito control, we can provide lasting protection during those seasons when mosquitoes are extra hungry. For homeowners in Huntersville and Mecklenburg County, we know all about mosquitoes, so you don’t have to.

What To Know About Mosquito Season in Mecklenburg County

In North Carolina, mosquito season occurs April through October, and peaks in June – September during the height of their breeding season. What does that mean? Only female mosquitoes bite for blood, and they only do this to produce healthy eggs. For most of their food, mosquitoes feed on leafy plants.

When mosquitoes bite, it’s easy for them to transmit diseases to humans and animals alike. For families living in Huntersville, Charlotte, and Mecklenburg County, the three main diseases spread by North Carolina mosquitoes are West Nile Virus, La Crosse encephalitis, and Eastern equine encephalitis.

With Mosquito Hunters, there’s an easy way to protect against disease-carrying mosquitoes. Our backyard mosquito control delivers lasting coverage when on our maintenance program, keeping the mosquito population down to virtually zero around your property.

Our Season-Long Backyard Mosquito Control For Huntersville

How does backyard mosquito control work with Mosquito Hunters? Our Technicians come every three weeks to perform treatments throughout your yard. We target areas where mosquitoes are likely to feed and rest, such as leafy plants, dark damp areas, as well as hot spots where they might breed.

Within just 24 -48 hours, the vast majority of mosquitoes living and thriving on your property will have come into contact with our treatments, which are deadly to them. In addition to these treatments, our Technicians can provide in-person tips based on your property and its specific mosquito situation. With our extensive knowledge of mosquito control, we’ll keep those annoying biters away all season long.

In addition to Huntersville, Mosquito Hunters can travel to the following areas to deliver backyard mosquito control: Denver, Charlotte, Troutman, Myers Park, Sherills Ford, Statesville, Lake Norman, Terrell, Cornelius, Mooresville, Ballantyne, NODA, Davidson, Harrisburg, Concord and Plaza Midwood.

Backyard mosquito control in Huntsville is as easy as calling Mosquito Hunters. Contact (704) 981-9000 to schedule regular treatments throughout the season.


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