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Fleas aren’t just a danger to your pets. Whether you have furry friends in the house or not, fleas can end up in your home if your outdoor spaces are left unprotected. Keep these harmful pests out of your outdoor spaces by turning to your local pest control experts at Mosquito Hunters. With our proven approach to flea control, we make lawns more enjoyable for homeowners and businesses located all over the Mooresville, NC area.

What You Need to Know About Fleas

There are more than 300 species of fleas in North America — that’s a lot of bugs to worry about. These invasive insects feed on blood and have the ability to jump up to 150x their body length, making them one of the more unpleasant pests that can creep into your outdoor spaces. Fleas are most often carried into your yard by rodents and carry dangerous diseases, which is why managing their populations is crucial to keeping your yard protected.

To help keep these pests under control, it’s important to ensure your pets are on a flea control program. Clearing away underbrush that can attract the rodents that carry fleas can also be a big help when it comes to preventing infestations and keeping their numbers lower.

About Our Flea Control Service in Mooresville

To bring you dependable protection from fleas, we utilize cutting-edge border treatments. We apply these treatments using potent products that bond to the vegetation in your yard and prevent fleas from breeding. Adult fleas only represent around five percent of the total population, with the rest being made up of larvae and eggs. By targeting fleas throughout every stage of their life cycle, we’ll quickly eradicate them and prevent new populations from popping up over time.

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When you work with our team at Mosquito Hunters, you can keep your yard protected from fleas without the stress of trying to fight them on your own. By bundling flea control with our tick and mosquito control treatments, you can bring your yard comprehensive protection and keep pests in check. Whether you’re fighting active flea infestations or just taking a step to keep your yard protected, our team has you covered.

Ready to get started with our flea control in Mooresville? To learn more about our treatment programs, get in touch with us today!

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