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Tick Service in Huntersville: Protecting Family from Tick-Borne Illnesses

By now, you may have heard on the news that tick populations are rising, and so are tick-borne diseases. That’s unfortunately true. The Center For Disease Control has confirmed that tick populations are increasing at a significant rate every year, making the diseases they spread a common concern everywhere. It’s why Mosquito Hunters™ provides our tick service to properties in Huntersville and the surrounding NC communities, including Troutman, Denver, Davidson, Charlotte, Sherills Ford, Cornelius, and Mooresville as well as Statesville, Terrell, Lake Norman, NODA, Plaza Midwood, Myers Park, and Ballantyne.

In North Carolina, ticks appear throughout the year. But you’ll always start to see a spike in activity from spring onwards, when the weather warms up. There are four types of ticks you might see, including the deer tick, the lone star tick, the American dog tick, and the brown dog tick.

Each of these types of ticks can pass on diseases, which is why a tick service can help protect your family.

How Our Tick Service in Huntersville Can Make a Difference

When you’re looking for ways to prevent tick-borne diseases, you’ll find plenty of recommendations, such as wearing long-sleeved clothes or examining your kids carefully for ticks each day. But one of the more effective ways to prevent tick-related health concerns is simply to reduce ticks altogether.

At Mosquito Hunters, we believe your family shouldn’t have to be concerned every time they step outdoors. In Huntersville and the areas nearby, our tick service can make that a reality. With robust tick control, we can reduce the tick populations around your outdoors until they’re virtually non-existent:

  • Minimal tick adults, nymphs, and eggs. Unlike mosquito populations, where only the adult female bites during breeding season, all types of adult ticks and nymph ticks can bite. Treatments from Mosquito Hunters exterminate both stages of ticks, as well as tick eggs.
  • Treatments that take effect quickly. When we administer tick services to your property, our Technicians canvass your property extensively to treat areas with heavy tick activity. For local families, these treatments will plummet your tick populations within 24 hours.
  • Mosquito control. The product we use to target ticks will also take care of mosquitoes around your outdoors. That means you can get comprehensive coverage against both types of insects throughout the year.

With Mosquito Hunters, you can get mosquito, and tick services throughout the region. Schedule your guaranteed tick service every three weeks in Huntersville. To get a preliminary quote, contact us today.


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