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Culex, commonly known as the house mosquito, found prior to providing residential mosquito control in Manhasset.Ready for a Mosquito-Free Summer?

Your home’s outdoor spaces, when left unprotected, can quickly be invaded by hordes of hungry mosquitoes. By working with our team at Mosquito Hunters™, you can keep these invasive insects out of your yard and get back to actually enjoying spending time outside. With our cutting-edge residential mosquito control solutions in Manhasset, NY and the surrounding areas, we help our neighboring homeowners enjoy the warmer months without the looming threat of hungry mosquitoes.

Mosquito Proof Your Manhasset Backyard

To drive down mosquito activity and prevent them from invading your yard in the future, it takes the right products. At Mosquito Hunters, we utilize cutting-edge products to quickly reduce mosquito activity by up to 95% and create a barrier that keeps mosquitoes out for 21 days. With regular applications of these products, we’re able to maintain your yard’s defenses against these pests throughout their entire season.

Fighting ticks also requires a comprehensive treatment plan. Here’s a quick look at the steps we take to bring you protection you can trust:

Inspecting Your Property. To begin the process, our team will stop by and inspect your yard. In this initial inspection, we’ll identify places where mosquitoes can hide and breed. By identifying these hotspots, we’ll be able to more effectively protect your yard in the next step of the process.

Applying Our Treatments. After our inspection, we’ll get to work actually applying our treatments. We’ll target the potential problem areas we identified in the first step to maximize protection and bring you the best results possible.

Ongoing Prevention. For long-lasting protection, an ongoing prevention plan is crucial. In this step, we’ll work with you to manage your property in a way that minimizes potential mosquito breeding grounds and hiding places to keep numbers down over time.

All-Natural Residential Mosquito Control

If you prefer to only use natural products on your yard, but still want to effectively fight mosquitoes, our team has you covered. With our all-natural residential mosquito control option, we fight mosquitoes without the use of synthetic products. The products we use in these treatments include natural herbs like rosemary and thyme, reducing mosquito activity the green way.

Ready to learn more? To get started with our residential mosquito control in Manhasset, Port Washington, Garden City, Oyster Bay, Great Neck, Syosset, Roslyn Heights, and neighboring communities, contact us today!

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