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Families in Manhasset deserve to spend summer without being bothered by tiny bloodsucking pests. That’s why Mosquito Hunters™ not only offers mosquito control for homes in Manhasset, but also tick prevention services.

As carriers of Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and a range of other illnesses, ticks can pose a health risk for families in the Manhasset area. But with tick prevention from Mosquito Hunters, you can keep these pesky, eight-legged invaders out of your yard.

Our tick control treatments will stop existing tick activity, neutralize emerging infestations, and prevent new ticks from setting up shop on your lawn. That means you and your family can spend more time enjoying the outdoors, without having to worry about tick-borne illness.

An Easier Solution for Tick Prevention in Manhasset

Homeowners in Manhasset have a number of DIY options for tick control and tick prevention. Unfortunately, most of these options are either unreliable, a headache to use, or irritating for pets.

In fact, many of these products are designed specifically for cats or dogs. This leaves other family members—including children—unprotected.

With Mosquito Hunters, tick control is more effective and more convenient. Most important of all, it offers protection for every member of your family.

Our tick control services rely on barrier treatments, which we apply directly to your lawn. These treatments neutralize ticks and tick eggs on contact, eliminating any short-term tick problems. After this, the treatment bonds with your lawn’s vegetation, developing a protective barrier. This barrier offers lasting protection for the next three weeks, making your lawn an unwelcome place for ticks.

While we request that you and your family remain indoors during treatment, it takes only 30 minutes for the barrier treatment to settle, after which your lawn will be ready for use.

Stay Protected Against Ticks Throughout the Summer with Mosquito Hunters

Our most popular tick prevention service in Manhasset is a Season Pass plan. This is also our most popular service in Port Washington, Oyster Bay, Great Neck, Garden City, Syosset, Roslyn Heights, and other nearby areas.

A Season Pass is an affordable and convenient way to keep your lawn protected against ticks throughout tick season. Our Technicians will perform a new treatment for your yard every three weeks, so your lawn always has an active treatment. Each tick treatment is pre-scheduled at the start of the season, meaning you can sit back, relax, and leave the rest to us.

For tick prevention in Manhasset, contact Mosquito Hunters today!

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