Different Types of Mosquitoes

Did you know there are over 3500 different types of mosquitoes? Though these pesky pests are found all over the world, below are the most common species found in the US.



Culex Pipiens

Also known as the House Mosquito, this variety is found in the Northern US. Their larvae thrive in standing water, and their breeding grounds often include puddles, storm drains, gutters, discarded tires, pet dishes, etc.

Culex quinquefasciatus

The Southern House Mosquito is found in tropic and sub-tropic regions, typically in the southern United States, and they usually bite at night. Females lay a large amount of eggs at one time, allowing them to float on top of the water. Breeding grounds include stagnant and polluted water.
Culex Mosquitoes can carry a variety of diseases including West Nile Virus and St. Louis encephalitis.



Aedes aegypti

Commonly known as the Yellow Fever Mosquito, these mosquitoes caused thousands of deaths in the late 1700s. Found in urban areas, this variety bites throughout the day and thrive wherever there is temporary standing water, like in pet dishes or flower pots.

Aedes albopictus

The Asian Tiger Mosquito has a black and white striped body and though it isn’t native to the US, now resides in over half of the states. They prefer warmer climates and typically lay their eggs in smaller areas like bird baths, flower pots, vases, buckets, tree holes, plant leaves, etc. These skeeters bite more during the day, and mature faster in warmer temperatures.

Aedes mosquitoes can carry Yellow Fever, Dengue, and West Nile Virus, but more recently have been discovered carrying Zika Virus. Their eggs can withstand cold temperatures, so when the adults die off during the winter, the eggs survive until spring. Mosquito Hunters mosquito control technicians inspect your property for eggs and larvae to ensure you can get rid of mosquitoes for good.



Found throughout the United States, this species of mosquito is recognizable because of itsslanted body. They typically bite at night, at dusk and dawn, and very rarely carry Malaria. They typically bite from dusk until dawn.

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