We’re here to keep your business, staff and customers safe from the dangers of creepy crawlers

Mosquito Hunters now offers commercial perimeter pest to protect your health and business bottom line!  There are many risks that a pest infestation may pose to your business and patrons, including:

  • High visibility of an infestation: Many people associate pests with untidiness, which may drive away clients, customers, and even employees.
  • Damage to equipment and inventory: Pests can get into your food supply, and damage property, appliances, equipment, and structures.
  • Risks to humans: Ant and spider bites can be painful and some people may even be allergic to a specific bite.
  • Spread of diseases: Ants and spiders can carry and spread bacteria, which can be health risks for you, your customers and employees.

When it comes to securing your business premises from these creepy crawlers such as ants and spiders, we take it seriously. Our effective perimeter pest control measures ensure that your visitors and customers enjoy engaging with your business while steering clear of pest infestation concerns.

ants on your food ants in your house ants on your floor ant infestation inside your home spider nest in your home spider close up

For commercial properties, banishing ants, spiders, and other creepy crawlers isn’t just about looking clean—it’s about boosting revenues by ensuring your customers have a delightful experience.  Mosquito Hunters’ expertise extends to various commercial spaces, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Condominiums and Apartment Buildings
  • Small Business Store Fronts
  • Wedding Venues
  • And beyond

Here’s How It Works

Our skilled technicians apply an invisible, effective barrier treatment across your property, meticulously covering every inch to eliminate potential breeding grounds and access points.

This treatment is like an invisible forcefield that treats the pest problem at the source, the outside.  This will stop them from spreading inside your business.  Also, it dries in just 30 minutes.

Commercial Pricing and Details

Discover our affordable solutions tailored for businesses. Utilizing geo-technology, we’ll accurately assess your property size to provide you with a discounted quote. Looking for one-time or special event pricing? Explore our Special Event Services.

Protect your business, customers and employees today—contact us by calling (855) 995-3366 for more details.


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