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Community & Municipal Mosquito Control

Mosquito Hunters can also provide relief for communities and municipal areas committed to providing a healthy environment for outdoor activities. Our mosquito control programs enable continued enjoyment during warm weather months when outdoor activity is at its peak. Be it sports fields, fairgrounds, campgrounds, or parks, Mosquito Hunters helps keep these public areas enjoyable for all (except mosquitoes, of course).

As viruses like West Nile and Zika have become a more prominent issue, it has become even more important to avoid mosquitoes and their potentially harmful bites. Give members of your community peace of mind with our mosquito control services.

How it works

A friendly and professional Mosquito Hunters mosquito control technician will traverse your property on foot. Using a low-emission backpack sprayer, our technicians apply an EPA-registered barrier spray to the plants around your property. The spray bonds to plants and vegetation, acting as a repellent for 21 days post-treatment.

On top of precisely spraying your property, our technicians will audit your property for any standing water or other potential breeding grounds, to ensure your property or community area is up to 95% mosquito-free.

All-Natural Options

Does your community or municipality have a green initiative? Though all of our treatments are environment, kid and pet-friendly, Mosquito Hunters also offers alternative treatments that are 100% natural. Our natural treatments are effective at repelling mosquitoes using a combination of rosemary and thyme, but they do not eradicate mosquitoes, so more regular treatments are recommended.

Healthy Environment, Happy Summer

We’re happy to help you ensure that your community, homeowners association, playground, campground, park, or public area stays mosquito-free. Get in contact with us at 855-995-3366 to get more details—and don’t forget to ask about our special community pricing and packages.


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