We offer a 100% risk free client happiness promise. Take back your yard.

We’re Hiring! Join our Team!

We offer a 100% risk free client happiness guarantee. Take back your yard.
We’re Hiring! Join our Team!

Keep Creepy Crawlers Out of Your Home with Perimeter Pest Control.*

Gather ’round , folks, and let me tell you about keepin’ them creepy crawlers from settlin’ in your home.  Perimeter Pest Control is like puttin’ up a good ol’ fence around your place to keep out the critters you don’t want invitin’ themselves in:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Centipedes
  • Stinkbugs and more

Now, how does it work, you ask?  Our skilled technicians lay down a protective barrier along the outside of your house – it’s like drawin’ a line in the sand that bugs just can’t cross.  It’s a message to ’em: “Stay out, y’all, this here’s a no-bug zone!”

We’re talkin’ about stoppin’ these pests right in their tracks before they even think ’bout movin’ indoors.  This protective barrier ain’t just for show.  It takes care of them sneaky entry points and cozy nestin’ spots, focusin’ on the spots where them critters might try to slip through:

  • Doorways: Where bugs might fancy a grand entrance.
  • Windows: Those little gaps they’d love to squeeze through.
  • Faucets: Hidin’ by the water source, thinkin’ they’re clever.
  • Seams in siding**: Blockin’ up them wall gaps real good.
  • Seams in eaves and fascia**: Climbin’ spots for critters, but not no more!
  • Outdoor lighting fixtures**: They won’t find a home in your lanterns, no siree.
  • Foundation cracks**: Makin’ a home in your home, not anymore

So remember, with Perimeter Pest Control, you’re drawin’ your very own magic circle ’round your home, tellin’ them bugs they ain’t welcome.  It’s like sayin’, “Y’all stay out now, ya hear?”  Your place is a bug-free zone, and that’s a fact!

Our friendly technician ain’t just here to sprinkle magic bug-be-gone.  They’ll also share some good ol’ tips to make sure them pests don’t come a-knockin’ again:

  • Seal up them cracks and holes like you’re patchin’ up a leaky bucket.
  • Keep your vittles locked up tight in your kitchen, just like keepin’ a lid on a jar of pickles.
  • If your faucets, drains, or pipes are leakin’, it’s time to wrangle ’em like a leaky ol’ hose.
  • Empty them trash cans as regularly as a rooster crowin’ at dawn, and give your place a good ol’ vacuumin’ every week.
  • Clear out them weeds and plant mess from your garden beds, ’cause critters sure ain’t invited to that party.
  • And here’s the big one, folks: Don’t let a small bug issue turn into a full-blown critter rodeo inside your home.  Take action quicker than a jackrabbit on the run!

So, if you’re fixin’ to keep your home bug-free and coze, give us a holler for a Free Estimate.

We’re here to help, just like a neighbor lendin’ a hand when you’re in a pickle.

*not available in all locations

**as accessible or applicable

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