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Mosquitoes aren’t the only pests that spoil summer evenings in Eau Claire WI. Wisconsin summers also include their fair share of fleas and ticks, which can be especially troublesome for owners of dogs and cats. So it’s little wonder that many homeowners in Eau Claire are turning to Mosquito Hunters® for our flea and tick prevention treatments.

As with our mosquito prevention services, flea and tick prevention treatments use an environmentally friendly spray to fight pest infestations in your yard in Eau Claire. In fact, we use the same product for fighting fleas and ticks as we do for fighting mosquitoes. This way, you can easily combine both of these services, protecting your property, your family, and your pets against all three of these common summertime pests.

Environmentally Friendly Flea and Tick Prevention in Eau Claire

Without proper flea and tick prevention, families in Eau Claire need to worry about the hygiene and health risks of these pesky parasites. Flea infestations are often nightmarish for pets, as well as pet owners. Ticks are no improvement, carrying contagious illnesses like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Typical prevention methods for fleas and ticks include topical medications for pets or specialized collars. Yet neither of these solutions actually gets rid of fleas or ticks. Treatments from Mosquito Hunters, on the other hand, directly target flea and tick populations, reducing the number of ticks on your property and preventing the emergence of new populations.

Unlike certain pesticides, the product that we use for flea and tick prevention in Eau Claire is environmentally responsible and EPA-registered. Moreover, our treatments are administered by experienced Technicians with utmost respect for your property and the local ecosystems. Your lawn will be perfectly safe for use within 30 minutes of a treatment’s completion, and you won’t need to worry about the health and safety of your family and pets due to harsh chemicals.

And in great news for insect-averse Eau Claire residents, our flea and tick treatments also prevent mosquito infestations. We use the same product for both mosquito prevention and flea and tick prevention, so you can sign up for one of our Season Pass plans and enjoy a full summer free of buzzing, biting pests.

Mosquito Hunters provides flea and tick prevention services throughout Eau Claire WI and surrounding areas, including Chippewa Falls, Hudson, New Richmond, and Menomonie. Call today at (715) 721-2222 to learn more and book a consultation.

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