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Mosquito Control Services

Stop mosquitos from sucking the fun out of summer with help from the mosquito control experts at Mosquito Hunters™. Our family-friendly treatments will protect your yard against mosquito infestations, helping you control mosquito activity throughout the summer months.

Whether you’re looking for season-long protection for your yard, a one-time treatment for a special event, or commercial mosquito control services, we have you covered. Our friendly Technicians can identify the biggest mosquito hot-spots on your property and create a customized plan for defense. We will then treat your yard using eco-friendly products, which are proven to reduce mosquito activity by 85% to 90%.

We’re so confident in the quality of our work that we back every treatment with our Client Happiness Promise. Under this policy, we guarantee your satisfaction for 21 days after treatment. If you’re unhappy with our work for any reason during this period, we will re-treat your yard with no questions asked, at no additional cost.

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Our treatments come with our Client Happiness Promise, which means that if ever you’re not happy, we will re-treat your yard free of charge within the 21 day period after each initial treatment for any reason, with no questions asked.

Family-Friendly Mosquito Control

At Mosquito Hunters, our mission is simple: To provide local families with effective, safe, and affordable mosquito control. We use high-quality products, follow eco-friendly practices, and offer season-long protection through our budget-friendly Season Pass program. All of our treatments are delivered by friendly, knowledgeable Technicians, and we create a customized defense plan for every Client.

By choosing Mosquito Hunters, you’re choosing proven protection for your home or business. We apply targeted treatments, which are proven to reduce mosquito activity by 85% to 90% and are effective for 21 days after application.

Our treatments repel adult mosquitoes and eliminate mosquito larvae, making it easy to reclaim outdoor areas from swarms of buzzing, biting mosquitoes. What’s more, our treatments are also effective against ticks and fleas, shielding your yard from all manner of warm weather pests.

While tough on mosquitoes, our treatments are gentle on pets, human beings, and the environment, using active ingredients derived from the chrysanthemum flower. This way, you can stop mosquitoes from infesting your yard without the harmful side-effects that are associated with toxic pesticides.

Mosquito Hunters offers a range of mosquito control services, making it easy to find the right solution to your mosquito prevention needs. If you’re looking for summer-long protection, you can opt for a Season Pass, which is one of our most popular mosquito control options. Under the Season Pass program, your yard will receive scheduled treatments throughout mosquito season, ensuring continuous protection.

In addition to our Season Pass program, we also offer a range of specialized services. These include Power Treatments for areas with high levels of mosquito activity, Organic Treatments using all-natural ingredients, and One-Time Treatments for special events. If you’re a first-time Client, you can take advantage of a discounted Introductory Treatment, giving you an affordable way to try out our services.

Locally Owned & Operated

Mosquito Hunters is proud to be a locally owned and operated provider of mosquito prevention services. Contact us today to find out if we offer mosquito control treatments in your area and request a free quote!

Mosquito Control Services

Get rid of and prevent mosquitoes with our mosquito control services. At Mosquito Hunters, we focus on getting rid of mosquitoes so you can enjoy being outdoors. We stand behind our environmentally-friendly treatments with out Client Happiness Promise.

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