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As a pet owner, ticks are the last things you want to spend your summer thinking about. Put these pests out of mind with help from the team at Mosquito Hunters. Our tick prevention services are an ideal solution for pet owners in Columbia and the Midlands, protecting your pets and your family against a one-two punch of flightless parasites.

Homeowners who choose tick prevention services from Mosquito Hunters in Columbia can stop these troublesome pests in their tracks.

Tick Prevention in Columbia

kids and dog sitting in yard treated by tick prevention sprayTicks might be tiny, but they’re a problem that pet owners can’t afford to ignore. Ticks are known carriers of dangerous diseases. These include conditions like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, both of which are a health threat to pet owners and their families. At Mosquito Hunters, we use sprays to drive ticks out of your yard, allowing your pets to roam free. Kids can also enjoy the outdoors, without worrying about an unpleasant bite from an unseen source.

Our prevention treatments have another major benefit for Columbia families: they also help prevent mosquitoes. In fact, the spray we use for our tick prevention treatments is the same one we use for mosquito prevention. This means that you can fight ticks on your property while also reducing mosquito populations.

By choosing one of our Season Pass plans, you can protect your lawn against these three pests for the entirety of the summer — even during Columbia’s warmest and muggiest months. And if you’re unsure if our treatments will work on your lawn, you can always try out our Introductory Treatment offer, perfect for first-time customers.

Tick prevention services from Mosquito Hunters are available to families throughout the Columbia SC metro area. Our services are provided to homeowners in Sumter, Blythewood, Irmo, and other nearby areas.

Call Mosquito Hunters to learn more about our tick prevention services within the Columbia area.

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