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When your yard is overrun by invasive fleas, they can be a threat to more than just your pets. When it comes to pest control, fleas often go unaddressed. What you may not know is that these pests can be just as dangerous as mosquitoes and fleas, carrying diseases that can put your health and your pet’s health at risk. At Mosquito Hunters, we utilize comprehensive flea control programs to protect lawns located all over the Hebron, KY area.

What You Need to Know About Fleas

Fleas are some of the most invasive pests out there, and they make their way into your yard by hitching a ride on small animals like rodents. These pests feed on blood, and they can transmit a wide range of diseases through their bite. By carrying plague, tapeworm, and other diseases that are dangerous to both you and your pets, fleas can pose a significant health risk if not effectively addressed.

Fighting fleas requires an ongoing, multi-faceted effort. Because fleas get into your yard on rodents, clearing away any underbrush, leaf litter, or collections of stray twigs that can provide shelter for rats and mice is an important step towards keeping fleas at bay. Making sure your four-legged family members are on anti-flea programs is another key step towards keeping these pests out of your yard and out of your home.

About Our Flea Control Service in Hebron

To bring our customers protection they can trust, we utilize cutting-edge flea control treatments that use some of the most advanced products in the industry. Our products bond to the leaves and other vegetation in your yard to place an effective barrier between fleas and your outdoor spaces. When you combine these treatments with our comprehensive tick and mosquito control treatments, you can have multi-faceted protection and get back to safely enjoying your yard.

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When you work with our team at Mosquito Hunters, you’ll get results you can trust. We’ll design and implement a treatment plan that’s tailored to your yard’s unique composition and your unique needs. We also protect our service with our Hunters’ Happiness Promise to bring you extra peace of mind throughout the process.

We use our proven flea control in Hebron, Park Hills, Edgewood, Taylor Mill, Florence, and the surrounding communities to bring our neighbors safer lawns. To learn more, contact us today!

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